War with Russia?

They need to protect their own interests, but they want us to carry the load. Putin could roll every one of them except the UK and France. And that is only because they have nukes.

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No. The Democrats are in collusion with both of their communist allies. Any opposition to Russian or Chinese expansionist is purely theatre on the Dems’ part.

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Seems like our host supports defending Ukrainians and NATO/European expansion.

Our esteemed host is always entitled his views on topics, as are those on this board.

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Yes he does…but making same mistakes. :wink:

For decades Western Europe and the US accepted that Russia could have control all the way to central Germany. Now we are outraged that they have border conflicts with border countries that were until recently under their complete control until they voluntarily left. If we now decide to place foreign troops as close to Moscow that they haven’t seen since 1943…well, we need to remember they are still a nuclear power if not an economic one.


Based on the current balance of forces in Europe, Russia could grab everything to the French border before we could redeploy forces to Europe.

Specially with Russia vast resources we have our own interest in Russia.

I don’t see Russia moving beyond Ukraine. I don’t think they have resources to substain a prolong war.

They have the forces. But they will probably take all of the Ukraine and there is nothing to be done about it.

Most wars aren’t …


Will there be if China chooses the same day of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine to invade Taiwan?


I think Russia should turn off all fuel to EU and all neighboring countries that do not support them starting Tomorrow and close the borders. Russia should stop selling oil till Biden says " uncle."

Europe relies on Russia for around 35% of its natural gas. The bulk comes through pipelines including Yamal, which goes through Belarus and Poland to Germany, Nord Stream, which goes directly to Germany, and pipelines going through Ukraine.

In 2019, total imports of crude oil to the EU amounted to 507.2 million tonnes. The major imports came from Russia (135.8 million tonnes), Iraq (45.3 million tonnes), Nigeria (39.6 million tonnes), Saudi Arabia (38.9 million tonnes), and Kazakhstan (36.8 million tonnes).

Of course that may be in the plan. China can sit back and wait till the time is right. They, Russia, Iran, and their friends can turn economic screws for a few months.

The paper tiger is weak and has not leadership skills.

Another one who appears to be rooting for Russia over The West.

Why are you doing this?

There’s no doubt we’d win a conventional war. We would steamroll them.

But that’s the thing. It wouldn’t stay conventional very long. The Russians would get really desperate, really fast. Especially if they believed NATO was going to cross into Russian territory.

But do they have the logistics?

Russian logistics are historically pretty terrible.

By the way, I don’t support a war against Russia against Ukraine.

It sucks and it’s awful. But pulling that card would invite a nuclear response.

Putin is a firm believer in “escalate to deescalate”. We attack his forces in western Ukraine and he may be tempted to use low yield tactical nuclear weapons. We would have to respond in kind or back down. Neither of which are good options.

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As an aside, I am surprised that this hasn’t already happened somewhere yet.

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Well I am against a war, like you are. This would be an “almost peaceful” demonstration of the Russians displeasure with Ukraine joining NATO. No one gets hurt. The fact is EU desperately needs Russian Petro products.

They should build windmills to get their grid power and stop global warming, anyway. Let’s go green power!!!

Come in, Man, this could be a good thing in the end, no war, but may be a cold winter for the EU. EU could be on e windmill and solar power grid next week

Hey where did your Che avatar go?

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