War with Russia?

So…NATO thinking of getting into a shooting war with Russia?

Sounds crazy to me… seems there’s war hawks on both sides of the political divide in the US…

A bi-partisan bunch of war hawks…

Good grief, this isn’t being well thought out…

No. NATO is a defensive organization. Members of NATO may go to war, but nobody will be obligated to join them.

For what it’s worth, I believe we would win a conventional war against Russia.

So no NATO is not.

Russia near Ukrainian borders is so 10 years ago

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Yes, NATO was originally intended to defend against a Soviet attack against western Europe.

Clinton and Obama changed that.

NATO has no business fighting in Ukraine.


Good point. I think that Yugoslavia can be excused, because NATO had a burgeoning holocaust on it’s border, but the case for Libya is much harder to make.

There will be no shooting war with the Russians.

And they found the blue dress. Ever see that quote from Sec. Albright about killing 1/2 million Iraq children being worth it… Oh, how’s Libya doing. What the latest death toll.


The 1999 bombing tore Kosovo from Serbia. Kosovo is not recognized as an independent country by most of the world.

Russia has used the NATO partition of Serbia as a precedent for its annexation of Crimea and for the war in eastern Ukraine.

Hopefully, she’s got a corner of hell all to herself.

Reorder your thoughts and try again. This is free form gibberish.

There is already a shooting war in eastern Ukraine.

US troops are already in Ukraine if reports from the foreign press are correct.

Servicemen of the US and Ukrainian armies attend a military exercise at the International Peacekeeping Security Centre in Ukraine, on Sept 20, 2021.

I don’t see how NATO could have looked the other way while Yugoslavia burned.

Germany hasn’t mobilized and won’t. Strength 64,000 troops plus reserves. France has not mobilized, and won’t. Srength 115,000 troops plus reserves. Great Britian has not mobilized and won’t. Strength 82,000 troops plus reserves. Norway 3,750 troops. Denmark 25,000 active troops.

Are you getting the picture here. And currently the US has the 2d Cavalry Regiment (No Tanks) and the 173d Airborne Regiment (no armor at all) in Europe.

Russian has over a million men under arms with 2.5 million trained reserves.

Poland can field 2 million with activated reserves and has an active army about the size of Frances. They maintain a highret combat readiness than the other European allies, but they are closer to Russia and have near term memories of being under Russia’s thumb.

never gonna happen. listen…

when this kind of stupid crap comes up, stop and ask yourself “what are they distracting us from?”


Clinton conducted the war without congressional approval.

The Balkans have a long history of bitter ethnic strife. There are no “good guys”.

Reports in the US exaggerated the situation to justify the war.

The Russians historically have close ties with the Serbs going back to the Tsars. Both are Orthodox Christian, and the Russians supported Serbian independence from the Ottoman Empire.

Here is a review of the war from a Russian perspective.

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While there may be no good guys, there was certainly one guy with the upper hand ethnically cleansing the other guy. Also, the fact that the deaths were exaggerated does not obviate the rapes, beatings, displacements, etc.

Also, bonus points on citing Russian propaganda. If one didn’t know better, one might think you were rooting against your own country.


No…we need to stay away from Russia under belly.

I was there. All three sides can’t remember what started the hatred, but they all practice it. If a side captured another’s village, they killed the men and boys outright. Had their fill of the women and girls, then herded all left into the cellars, poured in gasoline and left everything and everyone to burn. You have no concept of the violence they were all capable of.

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Realize that the US media is mainly propaganda as well.

Here are US reports about Florida National Guard troops being stationed in Ukraine. Why has the national media been ignoring the reports since early November?

Personally I’m tired of European expansion at American expense. That’s my two cents.

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