War on Thanksgiving?

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!! Wait … can I still stay that? Will the radical left break down my door and make me eat gluten free stuffing???

President Trump told supporters at a rally held in Sunrise, Fla., Tuesday that he wouldn’t allow the “radical left” to change the name of Thanksgiving.

The president, who recently switched his residency from New York to Florida, claimed at his “homecoming rally” that the left wants to change the name of the upcoming secular holiday after what he previously described as “a war on Christmas.”


Let me check the left-wing talking points that I received this morning … nope … can’t find anything about changing the name of Thanksgiving. Weird. Its as if Trump is just making ■■■■ up. Wild stuff.

In all seriousness, I do not support changing the name of Thanksgiving. I also don’t support a lying, troll of a president. But hey, that’s just me.

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgi … ~ducks~ … ving!!!


Also, this FoxNews story is pure craziness.

  1. Trump makes up story about “War on Thanksgiving”.
  2. FoxNews writes story about fictional “War on Thanksgiving” as if it’s real.
  3. People believe there is an actual “War on Thanksgiving”.

This my friends … is actual “Fake News” in action. Pure evidence of a “news” business creating news in order to appease it’s orange master.

This is great stuff.


Good Lord. Can you guys imagine a life where government idiots actually focused on their real jobs instead of this constant barrage of inane bull ■■■■■


Trump never lies.
So, this story HAS to be true.

BTW, does that mean Trump won the War on Christmas™?

I tried to rewatch Idiocracy last week and it honestly isn’t funny anymore.


Saw a meme the other day the said The Onion is in trouble because what is happening IRL is wierder than anything they could make up.


Funny because it’s true.

Like … I get it. We all get it. When Trump gets up in front of a cheering crowd, he wants to hit them with some of the classics. Thanksgiving is coming up … why not riff on the “War on Christmas” and throw out a completely made up “War on Thanksgiving” to see if that sticks.

BOOM! Works every time. And it gets easier when a media outlet will write completely bull ■■■■ stories to back you up.

This is what Trump does. We get it. Does it make it acceptable? No. Does it not.

I went to a “Friendsgiving” last weekend. THE WAR IS REEAAAALLLLLL!!!

Probably has something to do with this and other similar stories in the news this week.


What’s wrong with that?

The scary part is that there are millions of people out there that believe Trumps ■■■■■■■■■ even after its proven false.

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Considering the Native American perspective on Thanksgiving is apparently … war? Not sure.

The treatment of Native Americans is seriously one of the things that does not square with what we say our founding ideals are.

I think that it is important to recognize that.

Of course it is. Especially in an educational setting. There ZERO chance that Trump was basing this on anything other than Thanksgiving is this week and he just assumes “the radical” left is against it … somehow.

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Everyone knows how we royally screwed the native Americans over.


Trump is focusing on the War on Thanksgiving to cover up for a far more nefarious war - the war on Columbus Day! We are going to ensure that Columbus Day is one less day the federal government can take off.

Next up: President’s day, MLK Day, and the 4th of July. We will be victorious!!

Errr - wait - what??

Sorry folks - just wanted to get into the spirit of the War on Thanksgiving. Carry on…

Do you believe there’s a war on thanksgiving being perpetrated by the libs?

Trump supporters have to believe it.

They got their marching orders.


I just shake my head and facepalm. :man_facepalming: