War on Cops Claims Another Victim

Yes. I mean things like tags and taillights. Nothing like speeding or red lights. Those things put other people in danger.

ok but this is prob a very tiny minority to begin with

Depends on your location. People get pulled over for expired tags and improper equipment all the time here.

It’s easy money for the city.

Getting pulled over for improper equipment is a “poor” tax.

true. but “downtown” cities, etc prob not so much

overall i dont believe the solution to keeping cops safer is avoiding criminals

It doesn’t matter why you pull them over.


human racist garbage lori lightfoot (D, of course) and her bumbling cop super cant get this girl’s name right

i bet if she were a black perp slain by a white officer in their ■■■■■■■■ city they’d know her name

absolutely sickening.