War on Cops Claims Another Victim

in Chicago. believe it or not

You’ll see it on the news i’m sure. Maybe even CNN but don’t blink you’ll miss it

Here she is. Just had a baby girl


The name you’ll try to forget is Ella French. She knew the risks huh?

Dozens of cops shot at this past year in Lori Lightfoot’s Democrat gun controlled paradise of Chicago alone. It’s only up 500% though from last year

Gee wonder why that is

Where’s all this headed?

I don’t think cops should be that really, really ridiculously good-looking. Whoever shot her should be executed.


Traffic stop gone bad.

French’s death was the first fatal shooting of a Chicago officer in the line of duty since 2018 and the first female officer fatally shot on the job in 33 years.

I’m sure Biden will call her family. Maybe have them at the WH too.

One sounds dire. The other seems like the opposite.

Both are true.

Most news reports are citing the latter statistic, but the 500% stat is out there too.

“Brown said this year’s number is a 500% increase of officers shot at or shot compared with 2019.”

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It only takes one traffic stop like this one to make cops jittery when conducting a stop.

I do not begrudge cops their caution because of this.

PS: So far no info has been released about who the car occupants were, except that the cops were shot at by a passenger (so apparently not the driver.)

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thats “news” for ya

good point

the police respond aggressively to perceived threats due to these kinds of incidents

the un/ill-informed call this “excessive force” and “abuse of power” etc

That almost sounds like a liberal arguing for gun control. Well because some people misuse guns we need to put restrictions on them for all people or because some dirt bag shoots a cop well all cops get to treat everyone like they are dirt bags.

I’d argue we need to reevaluate when and when not to initiate a traffic stop. Let’s stop pulling people over for expired tags, broken tail lights, and minor traffic infractions. Or at the very least, record the license plate and follow up later.

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Ya I was thinking the same thing, really we needed to lose her out of the gene pool :frowning: in place of what likely was three gangbangers.

let people get away with more because some people kill cops?

nah. no thanks

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who said they should treat people like dirt bags?

Yes, I think it would keep officers safe. Why initiate a stop over expired tags if the outcome could result in violence? Send them a notice in the mail.

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If you get shot as a cop, that’s usually how it happens.

i think it would lead to chaos and anarchy on the roads as cops would avoid doing anything

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Because they use it to run people for warrants. That’s usually why the shootings happen, the person has open warrants.

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Not pulling people over for expired tags and broken taillights would result in (checks again) … chaos and anarchy?

tags, taillights, running red lights, speeding, etc


unless you mean just tags and taillights

dangerous murdering criminals often do

don’t dare approach them?