WAR in Ukraine, Putin approves initiation of special military operation

Well if the Oligarch’s loose too much he might have put his life on line.

They are pretty co dependent but may be.

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team vlad is doing great!


Yes, more of the same stuff. The official narrative has been that the Russian economy has been weeks away from a collapse since the beginning of the sanctions. Here are two examples from March:

New talking points are coming. It looks like western media are suddenly discovering that the Ukrainian government is extremely corrupt and inept.

The problem for Washington is that Ukraine is rapidly losing the war, and the collapse is likely to occur before the November election. Washington either needs to find some way to delay the collapse until after the election or else blame the collapse on Zelensky.

thats some seriously funny ■■■■■ keep cheering for vlad though, he loves the acolades

Yes, mind-reading is an interesting hobby. Analysts who claim to know Putin’s inner thoughts frequently end up projecting their own fears and thoughts. Their statements end up being more revealing about plans and fears in Washington than in Moscow.

The reality is that the NATO sanctions war is accelerating inflation and rapidly pushing western economies into recession. This was not the plan; NATO should have won the war months ago. Western governments seem to be incapable of admitting that the self-imposed sanctions are killing their own economies.

Keep the faith. We have Zelensky’s Vogue photo shoots, and Biden bravely facing down COVID.

Take that Putin!

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It’s been repeatedly pointed out to you that there’s is no direct line between the recession or Johnson resignation or The other 100 things have anything to do with the sanctions. But hope springs eternal

I don’t need to read his mind. Despite being a despot he still needs the support of the people. Same reason why has hasn’t ordered full mobilization.

Yes, the official line from NATO has been that sanctions are vital for punishing average Russians for the actions of an authoritarian government that they have no control over. The sanctions may do nothing to force an end to the war, but they create a glow of righteous indignation over western government leaders.

At the same time, western governments and western media are doing their best to ignore the obvious damage that the sanctions are doing to their own economies.

Of course, no amount of government propaganda will keep your home warm or put food on the table. At some point the propaganda campaign becomes unsustainable. For example, here is what is going on in the UK in response to skyrocketing fuel and food costs:

Campaigner Tom Scott said he isn’t calling for riots, but that they are almost certain to happen if things don’t change. “There was a major riot in London [in 1990],” Scott told the Telegraph. “That’s not something I would like to see, but I think it’s almost inevitable that unless the Government does take much more effective action to help people, there will be widespread civil unrest.”

Inflation, global slowdown of supply lines etc was a thing in January 2022.

You don’t get to play pin the tail on the sanctions without seeing the whole picture. Well you do but you’ll lose. Btw there is no doubt that sanctions are affecting inflation. That doesn’t mean that they are the cause. They are a cause.

By the way you mentioning propaganda while using propaganda is beyond special

Then you don’t get to blame Putin for Brandon-flation

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Of course you don’t. That was one of the dumbest things uttered by this admin. And that’s saying a lot

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Yes, huge deficits and creating trillions of dollars in new money were driving inflation even before the NATO sanctions.

The sanctions war is just increasing the problem.

We had huge deficits before. This…. This is exactly why may be slow down and read up on the subject.

Ukrainian sources are discussing leaked documents that allegedly came from the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The leak includes an estimate of total killed and wounded of 191,000 and a claim that the AFU is only at 43-48% strength. While the alleged losses are shockingly high, they would be consistent with Zelensky’s claim that Ukrainians are “outnumbered”.

Here is a link to images of the documents and more description.

As another example of the state of the Ukrainian armed for forces, the parliament of Ukraine is looking to send men over 60 to the front lines:


Senator Graham likes what he sees.

“As long as we help Ukraine with the weapons they need and economic support, they will fight to the last person.”–Senator Graham

If Ukraine loses this war any less rapidly, Russia is in serious trouble. :wink:

I think this needs more er better yet immediate action to resolve. Anytime the words nuclear and disaster are in the same sentence not good. I think this was from the same plant the Russian retards in tanks were firing at the plant months ago, they reported crisis averted back then it might not be the case.

“The UN’s nuclear watchdog has called for an immediate end to any military action near Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant, warning of a “very real risk of a nuclear disaster”.

“For the sake of protecting people in Ukraine and elsewhere from a potential nuclear accident, we must all set aside our differences and act, now. The IAEA is ready," said Mr Grossi, days after stating the plant was “completely out of control”.

The operator of the Zaporizhzhia plant said the Russian missile strikes had forced the closure of one “power unit”, adding that there was a risk of radioactive leaks.”

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The Bank of England is effectively admitting that the UK is losing the sanctions war. They are predicting that inflation will rise to 13% later this year with a recession through 2023. Of course the official pronouncements never mention the NATO sanctions as the primary cause for the economic crisis.

Other analysists are predicting even worse economic outcomes, but none of the major political parties are willing to admit that self-imposed sanctions are responsible. There is a massive disconnect between the political elites and average Brits who will not be able to pay their energy and food bills.

Yes, western reports repeat Ukrainian claims that the Russian military is shelling the plant to create a nuclear release in an area that the Russians plan to occupy and annex. Are the Russians really that stupid? Or is the shelling more likely part of a scorched earth policy from retreating Ukrainians?

The BBC prides itself in being independent. It took them only three years to finally read the transcript and admit that the fine-people narrative that was the center of the Biden campaign was really a hoax. At that rate, it will be 2025 before they admit that NATO-supplied artillery from the Ukrainian military was the likely source for the shelling.