WAR in Ukraine, Putin approves initiation of special military operation

Sadly the SaveFace folks are coming up against the Get the ■■■■ out of Our Country folks.

There’s really no reason for Ukraine to stop the fighting right now.

They’re winning, and every second where the war continues and the Russians lose more men, they increase their stature at the eventual negotiating table.

Ukraine may come out of this war, this tragedy, as the most powerful state in Eastern Europe. Certainly the most prestigious.

Russia doesn’t have to be war geniuses to win this war, all they need is firepower and they have that in spades and aren’t known for being all that reluctant to use it. Lets just say, not buying real estate in Ukraine any time soon.

You don’t win wars like this when it turns into attrition the people suffer massively.

As of two days ago

More than 12 million people are believed to have fled their homes in Ukraine since the conflict began, according to the United Nations. Just over six million have left for neighboring countries and another 6.5 million people are thought to be displaced inside the war-torn country itself

So the poorest country in Europe who was already suffering one of the worst death to birth rates ratio has lost at minimum 6.5 million people who fled the country who are will more than likely not willingly go back, and then another 6 million now homeless this isn’t winning. Add that to the poorest country in Europes cost to rebuild is north of a trillion dollars that they simply do not have.

Any statesmen? Time to step up and negotiate peace.

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Firepower is a big advantage, but it needs to be used correctly.

So far the Russians are sucking at using one of their inherent advantages.

Can’t rebuild if they lose their country.

But you’re right. They can’t keep this going on indefinitely. Neither can the Russians.

Maybe something will come of these new discussions.

But if the Russians come in there demanding enormous territorial handovers, the Ukrainians will have to refuse it and go back into action.

They aren’t exactly known for their light touch, Ukraine is likely going to get the ■■■■ bombed out of it. I’d relocate asap.

Their country is in ruins.

They may come out of this war as an intact state, but they are going to be rebuilding…they arent going to be some Eastern European power.

They aren’t coming out intact either.

Intact as in still a country with maybe Crimea still lost but nothing else.

Well maybe you have seen Russia back down before, but I haven’t.

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That’s why I said “may”.

Maybe Putin is sick…maybe there will be a coup…I agree as long as Putin is leader, Russia isn’t backing down.

Scanning the news today, as I always do, I found an interesting bit of information. While Ukraine is doing a good job of keeping it’s losses under wraps to this point the estimates are not good. Russian losses are put at around 35,000 killed or wounded. Ukrainian losses are estimated to be around 25,000 killed and wounded. In real terms, that means Ukraine loses 5 soldiers for every 7 soldiers the Russians lose, which reflects the advantage of being the defender. If accurate, it is a loss rate that can not be sustained…

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Of course.

But they’ll have the prestige of having survived a Russian onslaught.

That counts for something long term. May inspire Russia’s disaffected minorities to give it a go.

Those seem like reasonable numbers.

It’s unsustainable numbers for both sides.

Russia isn’t built like the Soviet Union was at their height.

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That was the other point of the article, that neither side was winning. The Russian’s have deeper resources. Russia’s 2020 population was 145.8 million. Ukraine’s 2020 population was 41.46 million, of which around 10% have fled the country.

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Watching Russia-1 tv or something?

History happening. Finland formally announces their intention to join NATO.

Man- in a short time, Putin has dramatically and completely changed the geopolitical landscape…but not in a way that he must like.

Finland has formally confirmed it intends to join Nato, abandoning decades of military non-alignment in a historic policy shift triggered by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine that will redraw the security map of Europe.

“The president and the government’s foreign policy committee have agreed that after consulting parliament, Finland will apply for Nato membership,” president Sauli Niinistö told a press conference. “A protected Finland is being born as part of a stable, strong and responsible Nordic region.”

He hailed the decision as “a historic day” for the Nordic country, adding: “A new era is opening. A lot has happened since the day Russia invaded Ukraine. We gain security, and we also share it. It’s good to keep in mind that security isn’t a zero-sum game.”

You. . .haven’t?

Ha ha…of course…