War court judge pursued immigration job for years while presiding over USS Cole

Just another blight for the cluster **** that is the Guantanamo Military Commissions.

The former Presiding Judge, Air Force Colonel Vance Spath, was actively soliciting a job as an Immigration Judge for more than half his tenure as Presiding Judge.

He was soliciting said job from the United States Justice Department, the VERY PEOPLE in charge of prosecuting the case before him!!!

At the very least, everything he ruled on during the entirety of that conflict of interest needs to be vacated and the proceedings need to be rolled back to that point in time.

Better yet, dissolve the Military Commissions and try the suspects before the Article III Courts.

While Vance has retired from the Air Force, that does not preclude recalling him to face sanctions for his misconduct. He should have given up his position on the Military Commission prior to seeking employment at the Department of Justice.