Wall Street, Globalism and Elites

Once upon a time federal receipts were composed primarily of tariffs and duties.
Today agricultural and manufactured goods are still taxed at border crossings.
Yet, I am not aware of taxes on financial transactions. I may be wrong.

So since financial markets are truly Global and receive favorable treatment to all other transactions. Employ the wealthy and lead to income inequality. Why do financial transactions act as a special class of trade?

What would be the impact on financial institutions if there was a sales tax for every trade? What if they were treated like all other goods?

IF it would negatively impact the institutions does it not have a similar effect on farmers and manufacturers?

Should elected officials be able to invest in instruments their policies may impact in terms of value?

That appears to be a conflict of interest on the surface.

sounds like your a big Elizabeth Warren fan.

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i just asked a question, it might mean i am for free trade globally.

The United States had a financial transaction tax from 1914 to 1966.

Quite a few of the current Democratic candidates have proposed such taxes as well - Warren, Sanders and Bloomberg.

Financial transaction tax us 1914

The US imposed a financial transaction tax from 1914 to 1966. The federal tax on stock sales of 0.1 per cent at issuance and 0.04 per cent on transfers. Currently, the US has a very minor 0.0034 per cent tax which is levied on stock transactions.

I am gad you think that is comparable to sales taxes and import tariffs.

Warran is very serious about regulating and taxing wall street she has been running on it for like 8 years.

how about deregulating all other business where most people work?