Wall falls during hurricane

This was just tweeted about a half hour ago. I can’t find any verification, but the gentleman tweeting this is a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, so I’ll assume (for now) that the video is legit.

We The Taxpayers will (again) be in the hook for this debacle.


Act of God.

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“No one builds walls like I build walls"
-donald trump

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Whatta piece of krap! A category one! Probably wasn’t even hurricane strength anymore by that point!

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A category 1 hurricane in an area that gets hurricanes regularly? Ummmm…they should have at least thought about that.

Should have gotten Mexico to pay for the kind of walls that don’t fall down in a stiff wind.

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This isn’t the first time portions of Trump’s border wall fell down during a storm. There was a story like this in January.

Is this the 3 miles of wall he’s built? So now back to 0?

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Did they have friggin wet concrete or what? It’s not like they didn’t know the storm was coming for days. Seems ridiculous to me.

Wall falling as fast as his polling numbers.


Fake news. It’s a big beautiful, STURDY.

Enough to withstand a little wind.


That one was wet concrete I’m pretty sure.

I see.

I am just spitballing here, but it would seem like a normal environmental assessment of the location would be reflected in the engineering and construction of that wall?

Wasn’t there a waiver or too involved.

It is a state of national emergency to build these walls ya know.

I would imagine once placed, the wall should be able to withstand wind regardless of how long it’s been there.

Amid Santa Anna winds

I for one am sooooo glad that money that was taken to build schools for service members kids was used in such an efficient away.

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How embarrassing. this is a supposed symbol of American strength?

Lincoln Project can have a video of the supporters chant “Build that wall!” as the wall crumbles.


Maybe this wall was built to fall down on purpose to make the President look bad.


It should, once the concrete is cured.