Walker is only up four points in Wisconsin

Early yet, but the first poll out for Wisconsin governor has Walker up by four. Not very much. Is Wisconsin a tossup this year? No one has brought it up as one.

I don’t know Wisconsin politics but I feel like trying to block special elections because you didn’t want your party to lose may not sit well with some.

Evers is not the Dem candidate yet. Ten are running, primary in August. I hope Evers does not end up being the Democratic candidate.

Although that is pretty remarkable that he is only up by 4 against such a crowded field.

What’s really getting interesting is the Republican US Senate race for Tammy Baldwin’s seat.

There is an establishment Republican woman running, and a political newcomer male, running on his business and military record.

This newcomer, Kevin Nicholson, got Steve Bannon’s blessing, back when it meant something. Some group is still pouring money into the race, he has a constant stream of outside ads being run for him. And I don’t get the idea he’s actually campaigning much on his own.

Primary is August, will be interesting to see who wins.

I’m thinking some Democrats may cross over and vote for Nicholson, he is sure to lose against Baldwin. The other Republican, establishment Leah Vukmir would make it a tight race, I would think.

I didn’t think he’d be crazy enough to run again after shafting the police and firefighters.

He won the recall election and another regular election since then.

I didn’t think he’d run again after his disastrous flameout run for president in 2016 lol.

His way of coming back, is to never ever be seen in public, except for carefully staged events. And to never ever talk to the media, except for the extensive state RW media alliance, where he often goes for soft cuddly pillow talk sessions.

Oh, and then this spring he got the legislature to pass a one-time “tax rebate”, in the form of $100 per child, to be paid by check in late September, early October. You know, right before the election