Walkaway campaign is a refreshing alternative to the democrat rope-a-dope nonsense

I originally heard about this [the Walkaway Campaign] a couple of years ago, but regretfully paid little attention to it. I recently came across the following video which seems to be genuine and nails it [the Democrat Leadership taking the Black vote for granted].

I only hope Annie is willing to speak out against Republicans when and if they ban together to panhandle globalism, ignore an America First policy, and unwittingly embrace domestic enemy groups whose mission is to destroy America from within using identity politics, and also are working to destroy America’s free market, free enterprise system.


Joe Biden wants elderly American citizens, who paid into Medicare all their lives, to surrender and share their healthcare revenue with millions of illegal entrants who have invaded America’s borders.


Seems that the walkaway movement is growing by leaps and bounds, at least as reported on Fox News.




I can understand the success of the movement considering today’s communist/socialist democrat leadership is all in favor of open borders, freeing criminals from jails, defunding police departments across the country, and other ideas which have a devastating effect on inner cities which have already been impoverished and devastated by generations of democrat leaders being in control.


The Democrat Party Leadership has been angry, stupid and obnoxious ever since the Republican Party Leadership freed democrat owned slaves and put the KKK out of business. ___ Author unknown


The Lincoln project seems to ave more momentum at the moment. Good chaps to a man, and woman

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They certainly do. This is literally the first I heard of the Walkaway campaign since 2018 which ended up giving us the Blue Wave


i think it will take the dissolution of the violent, anti-american racist democrat party before blacks realize they are nothing more than tools for democrats

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Its great to see white men telling African Americans what they must and must not think.


the very essence of my post indicates what happens when an entire race thinks for themselves

good attempt at making me a racist though! you are learning well from your racist media lords.

thats not happening

so many people so quick to infer everyone is racist

imagine that.

Which means you’re saying that an entire race currently isnt


are they?

WOW, holy â– â– â– â– â–  :man_facepalming:

Yes, they are thinking for themselves just as much as any white person is


democrats think black people are stupid

that’s sad to me, esp when they buy the racist garbage democrats rely on

yes they are thinking for themselves. you can drop the drama in attempts at making everything i say RACIST

they are thinking the wrong things though

go ahead make that racist too. you have your orders

We aren’t the ones saying that they aren’t thinking for themselves

Case in point :man_facepalming:

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you made no case or points. lol

when your victimization narrative falters, just insinuate (or declare) RACIST

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Oh my post hit the mark like William Tell


thank you. glad you realize i nailed it

see how many emotes it takes for you to respond

Pot : Hey Kettle…


that makes no sense

youre just blurting “racist” in every post essentially