Wake up America

Sean, I want to thank you and your staff for a wonderful job in reporting the news, but what is taking this Administration so long to just start locking the Obama & Hillary regime up " We The People " can see the wrong and how deep the corruption is.
I think if that was any of us common folks, Mr & Mrs. Tax Payer we wouldn’t be having this discussion Democrats have divided this Country.

God Help Us ALL

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Lock them up for what?

At this point we must conclude that Trump administration is a part of Deep State and is in collusion with the Clinton/Obama cronies.


Lack of convictions?

Culture of corruption runs deep, higher you go more corrupted the agencies become. You don’t advance in bureaucracy unless you have that certain attitude.

Welcome to Hannity forum.

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Sean doesn’t report the news. He’s not a journalist. He simply tells us his opinion on the news. Just wanted to clarify.


Real journalist are picking out dresses and giggle with their queen hopeful.

The US gov is purposely hard to change. The DJ was completely corrupted by the Obama admin and with holdovers from as far back as the Clinton admin. That will take years to straighten out. Sessions was weak, and seemed to be intimidated by the career people around him. Let’s see what Barr does.

Yes, very frustrating. I’m still frustrated no one has gone to jail for corrupting the IRS>

Those journalists should be investigated. This is sedition.

They can’t prosecute their own…it would open the floodgates.

You guys are hilarious.

You all never worried about the FBI until they started investigating the god emperor.

Then all of a sudden they’re the destroying our country. It’s almost like you can’t spot political propaganda when you see it.

The top of the FBI is just like the top of the IRS under Obama. A tool of political attack…

You guys were celebrating Comey’s attack’s when it was against Clinton.

Then you had to invent a phony persecution story against Trump and his criminal buddies.

Why do you feel the need to destroy American institutions just to protect an obvious crook like Trump?

From your article:

“A group of political reporter hit the campaign trail with Kamala Harris on Saturday but took a break from journalism”

Took a break from journalism.

Swing and a miss.

I was mainly responding to the OP.

Dear Republicans who are screaming for wanting to lock up Obama and Hillary:

On January 20th, 2017, Republican President Donald J Trump was sworn into office. President Trump has the legal authority to request investigations into the potential wrong-doings of President Barack H. Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary R. Clinton.

President Trump did not, nor has he at this point, initiated these investigations. Nor will he, considering that any of the “allegations” are false and would result in an embarrassment of the group in the Republican party.

Please remember that Mr. Hannity considers himself a “conservative” and being that part of a “conservative” platform is curbing unnecessary spending, he would outright declare this a waste of tax payer money, like he did in the 10 Benghazi hearings. Wait, he didn’t. Crap.

Please express your displeasure over this with the current occupant in the White House.

They know which shoes are theirs and which ones fit.

Sean is talking a lot about Hillary today.

Lol - Trump’s not going to lock up Hillary…

It’s more likely Trump will be locked up than Hillary. He’s the criminal.