Wages increase 3.1%...MAGA!

CNBC article on wages once again rising at the fastest rate in a decade on a yearly basis. That’s great news for the middle class and workers in general. By releasing the power of our economic engine through less regulation and a stable regulatory future Trump has made us all wealthier. Good Job Trump and America.

A Liberal media outlet actually saying something good about President Trump?

I never thought it would happen! lol.

Good news, about 0.5% when adjust for inflation, need to keep that number going up.


What is the percentage when inflation is taken into account?

Thank you Obama.

We have about 2% inflation… Work on your math.

That would be an interesting question. But we would need inflation by state. Rent inflation in Cal may be effecting the national inflation rate greatly. But most people don’t live there.

It was approximately 2.6% for the 3rd quarter which this wage growth number is for, I math just fine.

Additionally, every single month this year has been 2.1% or greater, inform yourself.

He left two years ago with about 1% GDP…

Or they just report the facts and most of them suck for Trump.

Name one bad economic indicator under Trump…

Still wages are increasing at the fastest rate in a decade.

Perry sure they’re just reporting information, which they always do. That this information often sucks for you is not their fault.

Always good news. Not as sexy when you account for inflation but, again, always good news.

Yes, but there is a long way to go and this is not nearly good enough for the supposed “best economy ever”… in that context it is abysmal if that is all we can achieve in the upswings.


Trump barely has a majority and the Fed is being too hawkish right now. But a least you can get some interest on your money besides in the stock market.


Trend is looking great…

That’s not Trump policy that’s boomers retiring… As predicted for decades. Did you want him to cut entitlements? He did not cut medicare and SS taxes.

Not Trump’s fault nevertheless trumpsa fault…ever

This is the “best economy ever”, looks pretty average, and even less so considering wages and the deficit.

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