W.Va. Supreme Court Justice Loughry arrested by FBI, faces 22 federal charges

Mail fraud, wire fraud, witness tampering and lying to federal agents. That’s some bad stuff for a WVa Supreme Court Justice.

And witness tampering. Wow.

I find this interesting because part of my job is reviewing travel reimbursements for faculty at a public university. What I don’t get though is how the FBI got involved. I would have thought this would be a state auditing thing.

if its interstate travel the feds can get involved.

Gotcha. But were they already looking at him for other stuff? I’m curious as to the dollar amounts we’re talking about. Cause really, mileage is normally a minor thing.

LOL. went to American University and talk about honesty and integrity in govt service. Meanwhile taking money for mileage using a West Virginia Supreme Court Vechicle. LOL


holy ■■■■ a state supreme court

and this is real life. This is the kind of character that is only supposed to exist in movies starring Mel Gibson and Danny Glover.

Did you see the name of his book?

I’m sorry, but I don’t quite see him as a “Lethal Weapon” villain. And I may be missing stuff, but the crimes described seem kind of smallish. Not condoning though. Bust him. But it seems like breaking reimbursement/spending rules, taking a desk he wasn’t supposed to, claiming he was on business when he wasn’t, and trying to make it look like he wasn’t breaking the rules. Not quite drug smuggling through the South African consulate by diplomatic personnel(Lethal Weapon 2).

Here’s what this guy said during the 2012 election when he was running…

“The significance of this year’s Supreme Court election in West Virginia cannot be underestimated as the Court consists of five Justices, each elected for separate twelve-year terms. During this election two of those Justice seats are on the ballot and will be chosen by the voters. Said another way, West Virginia will choose nearly forty percent of its Supreme Court for the next twelve years and making the wrong choices can result in a seismic shift on the Court for generations of West Virginians.”

-Allen Loughry

and the results…

Candidate Incumbency Party Primary Vote Election Vote
Allen Loughry No Republican 26.2%
H. John Rogers No Democratic 9%
J.D. Beane No Democratic 11%
John Yoder No Republican 23.92%
Letitia Chafin No Democratic 27% 22.69%
Louis Palmer No Democratic 6%
Robin Jean Davis Yes Democratic 28% 27.11%

Back in the day I hear it was 5 bucks per vote.

It was a very common practice in WV.