VP Spectacular 2008 -biden v. palin- And What Newspapers Do You Read?

So we all remember palin sitting down with katie couric and getting asked this question. And we remember her failing answer.

Which now begs the question, which newspapers does joe biden read??

From the new york times on December 8, 2015:

From The Wall Street Journal on December 7, 2015:

How does the corrupt joe biden stay informed on world events??


Arrest for treason?


Joe doesn’t FOLLOW news…He creates it and censors it.

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s presidential campaign on Sunday sent a letter to television executives at ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox News and NBC, demanding they no longer book Rudy Giuliani on their network. Political anchors Jake Tapper, Chuck Todd and Chris Wallace were also included on the emails. The letter was written by campaign advisers Anita Dunn and Kate Bedingfield,

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I’m joe biden, and I don’t approve any message that isn’t on the phonog,… er…record player.


To me that was a clear admission his son was corrupt and his campaign is over.


More fiction al la Schiff and the renegade D storytellers.

Just smear and purge…Just what Russia would want…division.

I thought name calling honored guests was in poor taste…I guess you have given us your best effort.

Please stick around for the second Trump inauguration…It will be fantastic.


You want us to pretend 2016 and 2017 and 2018 never happened?

Any chance the whistle blower was none other than Christine Blase Ford?

(fingers crossed)


It’s absolutely astounding about how Biden proudly bragged about the quid pro quo blackmail of Ukraine on national television and his campaign blatantly makes demands “in writing” of the media and that is supposed to be okay while the hysteria of impeachment rolls on ad nauseam based on a “can you do me a favor” comment on a phone call with a foreign leader and then you add the fact that the foreign sourced dossier that was fraudulently used to get the FISA court warrant that launched the Mueller investigation was paid for by the DNC and Hillary campaign it’s like what the heck is wrong with this people and just how much hypocrisy and double standard behavior do they think American’s will tolerate & accept?!

If he Dems don’t go down in flames in the 2020 then this country and it’s voters are too dumb to live and the Nation will go down in flames. JMNSHO

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If so we’re in big trouble.

Just ask everyone who was there with her.


Who did I call names?

Look at my posting history, I have always said Trump will win another term.

But why let the facts get in the way of your own preconceived notions.