VP Debate 10/7/2020

Tonight is the only VP debate. Given the two principle candidates, in my opinion this one is more important than normal. Especially for Harris.

My predictions:

  1. Pence won’t interrupt and Trump will throw something at his tv because of it.

  2. Harris will try to paint Pence as a racist, especially if she feels like she’s losing.

  3. Differences in beliefs between Harris and Biden will come out.

  4. Harris will launch her Presidential campaign tonight. She won’t need it.

Yup…it’s what I’m expecting as well. And thus true left policies come out.

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Harris is going to rake Pence over the coals by asking how the White House now has more active cases of COVID than Taiwan or New Zealand.

The “leftist policies” idea is a Fever dream.

Anything to the left of no government at all will be cast as leftist.


And bring up the fact that they have to have a plexiglass barrier (which as recently as 2 hours ago the Pence team was STILL fighting and ridiculing) separating her from the HEAD OF THE CORONAVIRUS TASK FORCE because he could not even protect the people in his own administration, let alone the American public.


“It is what it is”.

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Interesting predictions, thanks.

My prediction?

Harris is going to tie Pence to the lack luster COVID response and poor leadership exhibited by President Trump with Vice-President Pence being the leader of the Trump Administrations Pandemic Response team. That 10’s of thousands of lives could have been saved if the Trump Administration has (a) led by example, (b) provided strong leadership to the states, and © actually used the Defense Production act to coordinate acquisition and distribution of PPE.

I think it’s going to be brutal and I hope they have EMT’s available.


And since Pence has been resisting the plexiglass, it will stick even more.

This is why I say I think Trump and team know they are finished.

All their actions recently show it and so they are going full on scorched earth please the base.



I really don’t care, do u?


I affects virtually nobody.

Hoping Kamala will bring one of her lunatic moods with a lot of paradoxical laughter and pathological giddiness.

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This isn’t going to be pretty, whatever happens. Harris is a for-realsies vicious attack dog and Pence is whatever the acceptable modern term for a cigar store Indian is.

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I, too, would expect a professional prosecutor to be subpar at reciting memorized speeches and going back and forth with questions and answers in an adversarial situation while standing behind lecterns in front of an audience.


Yeah they loved her in the primaries. Go Kamala

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I predict Harris is going to shred Pence.

However I also agree, this debate is more important than the Debate between Trump and Biden.

I wonder how much spending ninety five percent of the time only talking to, well I’d say sympathetic media but I guess slavishly devoted is more accurate, affects Republicans’ performances.

McSally and Graham got their ■■■■■■■ doors blown off in the worst way at their debates and while the former is just a nutball, Graham was always at least a competent politician if not flashy.

Without even looking it up, I’ll bet you good money that Harris was in debate club in high school and college. Debate clubs are the early production line for prosecutors and defense attorneys.

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Wow cool. Maybe possibly even the historic first black or Indian female. Super cool

Based on harris debating , or lack thereof, this should be excellent for pence.