VP Candidate. My money's on Gov half-Whitmer


  1. She’s the only candidate that actually visited Joe in his basement.
  2. A classic authoritarian elitist (do as I say, not as I do).
  3. He thinks it’ll help him take MI (it won’t).
  4. You didn’t think the black thing was serious did you?

I’ll be shocked if its not half Whitmer, but its Joe, so who knows (he may not even know who it is after he “chooses”)


Joe doesn’t need any help winning Michigan.


keep thinking that. Hillary didn’t either.

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You’re right, trump is done in Michigan.


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please, keep thinking that.

Trump has only a 21 percent chance of taking Michigan.



Of the three states where Trump won with less then 1% advantage, Michigan was the closest. Trump’s margin of victory there was 0.23%. And that my friend is razor thin. And I said early on the DNC would not overlook those three states again.
And so far the RCP average is:
Michigan: Biden +7.5 (above MOE)
Pennsylvania: Biden +4.7 (within MOE)
Wisconsin: Biden +5.0 (above MOE)

And, how much money have you amassed gambling?

It’s not like any Trump supporter will vote for Joe regardless of who he picks as his VP. I mean, lets be real here. By now everyone knows who they are NOT voting for.

I always think that there are a few that are still on the fence. And I think that for some of them they might be swayed by the debates.

certainly worked out well for Reagan.

2020 is not 2016. That is a mistake that will lead to much angst ridden wringing of hands in the wake of the 2020 election.

Will there be any debates? Has Trump followed by Biden’s lead and committed to participating in the debates?

Australia has an election in 2020?

At least one state election.

ahh, cool. I don’t really care, has no effect on me.

You asked the question and I provided the answer.