Voting by mail or online, why not?

No, it should not. Read the Constitution.

Isn’t it each states’ responsibility the running of elections?

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So the requirements of the House of Reps and Senate voting procedures play no part in the conduct of elections?

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Indeed, they do not. :wink:

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I wonder if there are any constitutional experts on here who will confirm it?

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Did someone say they do?

You’ve been here long enough. You qualify.

Yes the OP did. That is what this thread is about.

Really Tommy?

This is what the OP asked…

IF the constitution requires that legislators be present to vote, or at least a quorum is present. Should that standard apply to voters at recognized locations?

Do you see the word “should” in there?

Yes it is literally the question posed by the OP. What is confusing about this. It is the thread subject.

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Meaning the OP asked whether it should, not that it does.

Jesus, this a discussion forum. Heaven forbid someone ask a question without someone else stating what they are asking about is a fact.

I would never presume to claim that.

must show up, present id, then can vote.

how it should be

but of course democrats hate that

wonder why

I wouldn’t either, I was being sarcastic.

There are no constitutional scholars here, but some will still post as if they are.

So soldiers deployed overseas shouldn’t be able to vote then?

Like trump?

they are obviously exceptions

but yeah thats who democrats are afraid to disenfranchise. lol

I think we are in agreement on that.

You didn’t seem to articulate any exceptions in your earlier post.