Voting by mail or online, why not?

Our Constitution requires quorums. Members must be present to vote. Why must members be present and voters be allowed to vote by mail with no id?
Why not just let members of congress vote from their local office? Perhaps via a staff surrogate.

IS the requirement of our legislators to be present to vote not applicable to voters as well?

No, it’s not. Okay moving on.

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Pelosi says it is a good thing for democracy.

This is a thing that millions of people do in every election. It a matter of scale, not legality.

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The question is then, should it be legal or should it be compared to quorum rules?

There is ONLY one reason this is being suggested…so that illegal aliens can vote and it perfectly compliments why libs have fought the citizenship question being on the census? If the citizens conclude that our voting system has been corrupted, the sleeping giant will be awakened.


It’s already legal. Like what do you not get about this. Mail in ballots have been legal for yonks. There. Is. No. Question. It. Is. Legal.

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A quorum can be formed online in a meeting. You no longer need to be physically present to vote and discuss issues.

Getting ready for the scenario if Trump loses, he will foment violence and try to tear down our electoral system.


Vote by mail in WA has been in effect since 2011. There has been no evidence illegal aliens have been voting.
It seems like it’s only a matter of time before all states catch up to this.
Given the pandemic it seems imperative to do so for this November.


It’s already being done, Smyrna. I just did it. I’m not corrupt and neither is the system.

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Yep, 2016 was a preview where he constantly raised the specter of voter fraud when he thought he was going to lose.

I thought everyone knew that was going to happen.

You know who else voted by mail? Trump


I am sorry you do not understand the context. very simply put. IF the constitution requires that legislators be present to vote, or at least a quorum is present. Should that standard apply to voters at recognized locations?

No. It should not. Nor has it for almost a decade now. Mail in ballots are legal.

No. Honestly what don’t you get about this? Mail in ballots have been constitutional for freaking ages. That is the answer to your question.


The definition of ‘present’ has evolved with the advent of technology. I was ‘present’ at all teleconferences at work I ‘attended’.

There are currently 5 states that conduct all elections entirely by mail and 21 others that have some type of mail in ballot.