Voting allocation plan

Back in the 1960s, oil tycoon H.L. Hunt published a plan to change the voting laws. It would have required a constitutional amendment.
I thought it was a good idea. I still do.

  1. Everyone 18 and above gets at least one vote.
  2. Over 21 gets an additional vote.
  3. The upper 25% individual income tax payers get an additional vote.

I like it, but it’ll never happen.

Effectively getting two thirds of a vote would proooooobably bring up some negative connotations.

California will never go for this if illegal aliens can’t vote too.

California won’t have to go for it if it becomes a constitutional amendment.

Why should rich people get more representation?


Obviously the more money you make the more votes you should get.



Because they pay most of the bills.

They also benefit the most from the system.

I know it seems that we are slowly marching towards an oligarchy… I just don’t see why that should be cheered on.

Then why draw a line at 25%.

If you are a person paying the bills, then should you get votes equal to the bill you pay?

A person that pays $10,000 in income tax should get 10,000 votes.

A person that pays $20,000 in income tax should get 20,000 votes.

A person that pays $100,000 in income tax should get 100,000 votes.

A married couple filing jointly paying $100,000 in income tax would each get 50,000 votes. IF they file seperatly and the husband pays $70,000 and she pays $30,000 then they get 70,000 and 30,000 votes respectively.

When any of the above vote they can allocate votes based on any split they wish not all votes have to go to the same candidate right?


Do corporations get a vote?

They are people.

That’s simply not true.
75% of federal expenditures go to Defense and entitlements.
We all benefit equally from national defense.
Entitlements do not help the multi millionaire a bit. How does Bill Gates benefit from Social Security and Medicare?


sorry…it was intended to be sarcasm :grin:

The tax system benefits them the most.

A person’s capital is taxed at a much lower rate than one’s labor.

Then they will have a harder time getting in the upper 25%

I don’t know what you mean by that.

Your argument isn’t making any sense. I said they pay most of the bills and you countered that they benefited the most from the system.
That would mean you think they benefited the most from the government. They don’t.

Of course a rich person thought up the kooky idea of rich people getting another vote.

Its insane and goes against the tried and true american principle of “one man, one vote”

bad, bad idea of having rich people get another vote.

why do you support it??


Most people do like their ideas, no matter how idiotic they are.


Maybe only land owners should get the vote. Why slouch towards Oligarchy? Fall instead into it’s warm embrace.