Voter Mail in Ballot Fraud

I apologize in advanced, this is my first post. I don’t know if this was posted before.

With all the concern about voter fruad in the coming election, has anyone (Politician, Media, Political Commentor, etc…) suggested that people should take pictures of their ballots, weather absentee, mail, or in person? Would that be illegal? I think it could be a valid way to verigy mail in ballot fraud took place. Take a picture of your ballot, with your ID to show proof.

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how ?

Is it true that in Nevada 200,000 ballots went out to people who no longer live in Nevada or no longer live at all?

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What could go wrong?

All the mail was recovered and delivered.
A happy ending.

The states aren’t even keeping up with their voter rolls and have MILLIONS on them, that shouldn’t be.

I got mine and voted a straight Democratic Party ticket.

Out out damned trump.


That’s link shows no fraud.

It was undelivered mail.

Nothing more, nothing less.


What about the ones who got away with it? Do you think everybody gets caught?

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An arrest was made.

Again, a happy ending for all.

Nice dodge. How many didn’t get caught? Why are only democrats involved in voter fraud?

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You can’t be serious?

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I saw that people on the "next door " website in CA offering to “help” elderly neighbors deliver their ballots to drop boxes.

Bless his heart…He is.

Its not a dodge. I was specifically discussing the mail issue in NJ. The mail carrier was arrested. All of the ballots were returned.
And your attempt to only blame Democrats lame and tiring.

You need a break from this forum. Go outside and smell some flowers.