Voter Fraud in Georgia?

You are welcome Germany.

I didn’t know that was you. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:


It is. That’s how i sit reading these here forums. My oreciousssss

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Germany was not the only contributor in this.

What “crap” happened?

Let’s start with Dems fighting taking off dead people off voter rolls.

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Social media working hand in glove with the DNC to silence the political opposition. Unconstitutional changes in state voting laws. Strategic intel leaks to the media.


The funniest one is them defending why dead people should be on voter rolls.

It’s a good thing for you, Forrest Gump’s mother didn’t hear you say that. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

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Biden said the Georgia voting law in its entirety is un-American and unconstitutional!

What’s Un-American about moving dead people of voting rolls and being able to monitor sanctioned voter drop off boxes? Biden screaming into the wind knowing he’s going to lose in the courts.

You see your honor these dead people have rights too! They are a loyal voting base of ours!

Who said anything about them being a contributor?

It expands voting above and beyond pre-pandemic rules. And is more expansive than Joe Biden’s home state. He should go home, stand on his lawn and start yelling UnAmerican at his neighbors. Just leave the shot gun inside Joe, no warning shots ok?


Exactly he is screaming into the wind.

Biden made it happen by lifting sanctions! Deny, deflect and lie!

I didn’t say he didn’t. You are welcome, Germany.

May be the comma will help.

Germany was a non factor without Biden lifting sanctions! Thank you Biden! How much art will the kremlin buy to pay back the favor uncle Joe did for them.

Germany wanted the sanctions lifted

I am sure the government institute for something will soon tell you how much art they imagine it was worth.

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But you won’t say it because you don’t actually believe it.

Won’t say what? That the election was stolen? Yes I will, I just won’t say by voting shenanigans as I have not seen solid evidence of that to date. I certainly saw the media, social media and big tech working overtime to get Joe into office. Very large contributions in kind that went unpunished. And saw unconstitutional changes to state voting laws.

Doesn’t that already happen?
Why is new legislation needed?
Is dead people voting a big problem?
The only case I can think of is the guy in PA who cast his dead mother’s vote for trump.