Voter Fraud in Georgia?

It appears that 4,200 bogus ballots have been discovered so far. 3,400 for Joe Biden and 865 for Donald Trump. I’m not sure what to make of it or where it should go from here.

Before y’all freak out about OAN, this is not their story. They only reported the findings.

VoterGa finds thousands of fraudulent Biden ‘votes’ in Ga. | One America News Network (](VoterGa finds thousands of fraudulent Biden ‘votes’ in Ga. | One America News Network)

Checked their site and the first thing they want is a donation.

P.T. Barnum called it.



Shocking … if true.

Of course it’s their “story.” They are, after all, the only ones reporting this story.

Hold the phone, a non-profit asking for donations, scandalous.


Bless their heart. They keep looking for that smoking gun. As long as donation continues to flow in, this won’t stop.

Waiting for a judge to say its true.

Maybe this time it won’t be immediately dismissed.

Keep sending those checks!

Didn’t send a check. That was an expression of skepticism. Some people.

I think this a job for the Government Accountability Institute…They’ll get to the bottom of it.

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Garland Favorito is a 9/11 truther.

I’m shocked that he’s also a Big Lie promoter.

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…but, but…the votes were counted and recounted and recounted again.

If this is true and it’s planned, then the Arizona audit of Maricopa County will most likely find fraud? I’ll wait until it’s undeniable…

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Let’s be honest! Coming out and saying anything was rigged is political suicide, it’s much easier to create voting laws to prevent crap like this from happening again. That’s what’s happening and the left doesn’t like it. They also know scotus will uphold these voting laws too!

Yes, those Federal judges with lifetime appointments and no fear of losing their jobs who were ruling against the Big Lie over and over again were very concerned with political suicide.

However, the red state attorneys general subject to elections who were filing lawsuits were just brave American heroes, unconcerned with politics.

The above is completely nonsensical - so it makes perfect sense to Big Lie believers.

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I didn’t say I which side of the fence I was on. Doesn’t change the effectiveness of these voting bill reforms, Dems are getting smacked around in court right now.

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Nahhhh…not as long as there are many among us who give government corruption a pass if it’s on their side of politics. A good example would be Hunter selling art for large sums of money and the buyer can remain anonymous and yet, I don’t hear a lib wimper about it.


The kremlin could buy 10 million dollars worth of art and we’d never know. Thanks for the pipeline comrade Biden.

Until what’s undeniable?

But… but… if.


You are welcome Germany

Lol couldn’t have happened without our consent.