"Vote Him Out. Vote Him Out."

Trump appeared at the steps of the Supreme Court this morning to pay his respects to Justice Ginsburg. While standing with Melania, members of the crowd started chanting “Vote Him Out”. Video of Trump at the Supreme Court below.

Trump rarely, if ever, attends gatherings where he comes close to his opposition. This is quite the juxtaposition to the “We Love You” chants at his rallies.

I guess it’s unfortunate this happened while Ginsburg was laying in state, but … this is what Trump has wrought. This is the reaction he has worked towards. This is the treatment from the opposition he wants.

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It would have been a worse look had he not attended.

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There we go.

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Possibly. Many might not have wanted him to attend. I personally appreciate that he attended.


TDS. You blame the President while at the same time “guessing” about the “unfortunate” disrespectful behavior of a mob.


These so called protestors think they are educated yet i highly disagree. And they think Trump will loss well these current attacks on law enforcers wont be helping their cause.

I am getting tired of this. And tired of seeing their potical message in sports to.

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My disgust with Trump is not deranged. It is founded in reality. No one should be shocked that when faced with his opposition, they vocally push back. Trump has done literally nothing to avoid this kind of reaction.


What is wrong with people making their opinions known so the politicians will hear it?

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Many of them are.

These so called protestors are supporters of Hillary to no matter what Trump does good or not they will still hate him for it they hate him as a human being but love Biden, Hairrs these nutcases are weirdos.

Excusing a complete lack of respect and situational awareness of the mob.

The mob is justified.

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lol it makes wonder what kind of education they have gotten? how to protest and whine? how to miss.

“We demand Hillary crew!”

The contents of that post are ridiculous.

Are you awake? “Hillary”?

Sorry for that post but these so called protestors are weird.

this is the trump hate cult on display. he doesn’t own their hate, they own it themselves.

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What i meant by Hillary is they are hoping for that Biden gets a Democrat landslide bluewave nonsense yeah i dont see that happening.
I dont see the slient majority going blue. The debates should be interesting.

These protestors think everyone are backing BLM and their message yet i dont see that.

This election has nothing to do with “Hillary”.

They are still whining and complaining over her loss on social media to this day. Dispute that she was a still bad canadite.

There is a time and place. The fact you even said that speaks volumes about you.