Virtually every aspect of Trumps life is now under investigation

But he’s a squeaky clean dude so i’m sure nothing will turn up :grin:.

If only there had been some warning signs before the primaries…

Ah well, i’m sure things will calm down once Democrats officially takeover the house and the political investigations start as well.

Everyone in america commits at least three felonies a day!

It’s obvious that the Deep State lizard people are doing everything possible to prevent Trump from MAGA!


Fake news!

This just demonstrates how deeply entrenched LIBs are in the deep state. They are desperately trying to undo the 2016 election.

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No deep state my friend, fat donald has lived in corruption his whole entire life.

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I honestly doubt he expected (or wanted) to win the election.

The Clinton Crime family reeks of corruption. Deep state LIBs wouldn’t dream of touching them. We’ve seen this repeatedly over the last 30+ years.

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Hillary lost bro, get over it.

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If only Republican controlled the DOJ, FBI, Senate, White House…

Fake news.

Where are the investigations?

Once William Barr is confirmed as Attorney General, I expect Hillary will be in prison not long after.

If only Strzok and Page had realized that they should be careful about how they started the investigation of Trump because he might be the next President, then maybe none of this would have begun.

And no, no similar resources like Mueller were ever put behind an investigation of Obama or Hillary.

If only Trump’s campaign didn’t have so many connections to Russia there wouldn’t have been a need to investigate his campaign’s Russian connections.

I am so impressed with how well this administration has been cleaning up all of this “Deep State” problem.

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It is not right for President Trump should not be investigated. The president’s office has always defended former presidents from prosecution. Look at Obama. Was he investigated for murder? The answer is no. President Richard Nixon spoke best of all when he said of “when the president does it, that means that it is not illegal.” I believe that if we stop the Witch Hunt then our country can heal. We all want whats best for America.

Muh deep state!

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No one’s going to undo or forget the 2016 election. 2018’s midterms were the first round of reminding the GOP just how disappointing they’ve become.


I believe that this President has been compromised by financial dealings with one or more foreign countries. And if true the best thing for this country is that it is discovered. And if Trump is innocent he would be inviting this investigation rather then constantly discrediting it.