Virginia Governor Orders Mask Mandate

Governor got caught at the Ocean Front this past weekend with out a mask. So he made an order about an hour ago that says indoor wearing of masks is required starting this friday unless you are eating or drinking.

I think he was drinking when he came up with this order.

I notice everyone is wearing a stupid mask in stores here in NJ. However at my work location no one is wearing them in the building. Just out in the toll booths.

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How do we consistently find the most stupid people in the population and elect them to office?


Anyone who wants to be famous is a moron in my book.


A lot of people have an external locus of control.

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Wait Virginia Governor orders mask? Was it one of his previous ones?


I walked into the bathroom today at our office and we’re required to wear masks while walking around. I said out loud… Damn, this mask doesn’t even block out the smell of Tim’s ****, what hope do I have that it’ll block Covid? … Tim walked by my office 20 minutes later still laughing and cussing me.


I can’t wait to see his constituents react to this one? At the very least, he’ll never be elected again.

Not fair. How was he supposed to know someone with a camera would be at the beach? I blame Trump.


it could have been a hijab…

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As a “constituent” of Governor Northam, I react with an utter lack of attention. Every store around here has already put store-policy requirements for masks, and it’s been in place for weeks.

see what happens when idiot racist leftists get a little bit of power?


now you know


I went into grocery store on my way home to get some butter and cheese real quick. Some old fart said no mask to me…I said nope.

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Well, it doesn’t matter, in Virginia there is only one term, and he has a Democrat legislature, so he’s not turning back. He’s signed legislation to take away voter ID requirements, anybody can walk in and say they are whoever and cast a vote, legalized marijuana, abortion doesn’t even have to be done by a doctor any more, etc. Northern Virginia has become very, very liberal, much to the detriment of living here.

What an exciting story.

I too went to the grocery store to buy a couple items- mostly aromatics for a stew. I tied a bandana over my face as a courtesy, and no one said anything.


do you extend this courtesy for seasonal flu too?

I dont believe I’ve ever been asked to wear a mask for the “seasonal flu” at any local retailers.

But I probably would wear a mask for the “seasonal flu”, if I was asked.

Oh BTW…I’ve basically returned back to my normal routine since first of May. ■■■■ governor Jay Inslee. I didn’t need him to tell me to isolate nor do I need him to tell me when I can go back to work.


i didnt say anything about you being “asked”

why only if you were asked?

i thought it was about safety of others

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