Virginia GOP Embraces Trump's America, Nominates Corey Stewart

Republicans voters in Virginia made an already difficult Senate contest that much harder today by nominating Corey Stewart.

In nominating Stewart, voters might have doomed other competitive state races. As the article also points out, Virginia nominated a strong group of female democrat candidates.

I’m saddened that my home state has endorsed someone like Stewart (again), but I’m happy that the trend of Virginia turning blue will continue because of GOP stupidity.

It wasn’t likely that any R was going to flip this seat, but now it’s entirely off the table. Kaine can go on vacation until October and it won’t matter.

Doesn’t Virginia have open primaries? Makes me wonder if Corey “won” tonight at least partly due to that.

Virginia is turning blue because the northern part of the state has had a population explosion of government workers, most of whom vote D.

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Looks like Ds managed to nominate at least one terrible candidate themselves.

Democratic candidate who admitted to domestic abuse wins South Carolina congressional primary

Where’s your evidence for this?

“A congressional candidate in South Carolina who admitted to abusing his ex-wife 45 years ago and lost all support from national and state Democrats…”

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Spoke to Roy Moore of Alabama last night for the first time. Sounds like a really great guy who ran a fantastic race. He will help to #MAGA!

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Virginia does have open primaries. But I find the idea of Dems voting for Stewart in a primary to be pretty unbelievable. It’s hard enough to get people motivated to vote in primaries, let alone to get someone motivated to go vote for the opposite person.

Hey, remember the good old days when conservatives said strong loyalty to a president was a bad thing. These days in order to get the nomination you have to plant the biggest kiss possible on Donald Trump’s butt.

Good news!

Northern Virginia has always had a large population of government workers. The change more recently would be an increase in military contractors.

But yes, northern Virginia has helped the state turn blue but also, the state overall has become more diverse and there GOP has put up some ■■■■ candidates.

Well, Trump seems to think that Stewart has a good chance to win. I agree that he has a chance, just not a very good one.

He just needs Roy Moore to pop up to Virginia and do a little stumpin’.

I work in NoVA at one of the 3 letter agencies. Conversations I have had, I’m not totally convince that this is true. Also, keep in mind urban centers like Richmond, Petersburg, Norfolk-Hampton Roads pretty much the entire tidewater area vote democratic too. Charlottesville too, but I’m not 100% that one. Not too sure about Loundon County, but I will agree that Fairfax County, Prince William, Arlington County and Alexandria are democratic strongholds and been so for years.

The Latino community in VA love Tim Kaine along with most of NoVA, Corey Stewart has a better chance putting out a fire in hell with piss.

I live in northern Virginia (outside of Quantico actually) and this guy has no chance of beating Kaine. It does prove what I’ve been saying for years about Virginia. There is a very significant good ole boy, extremely racist contingent in this state.

fine people

I am from the Norfolk area, and I know full well that my brother will vote for Stewart simply because as my brother would say “ the liberals want to tear down our sacred statues”

And I am not making that last part up.

There is still a lot of resentment in the Tidewater area, especially from those who have deep generations long roots there and don’t like the changing demographic.

Wow…really? Didn’t know that.

Off topic, I love the Norfolk Hampton Roads area. Came very close in moving down that way after grad school. I got into the PHD program at Old Dominion, my college track coach took a job at Hampton U. wanted me to be an assistant coach so he got me an interview in their Computer Science department. I ended up not taking it, but I visit down that way quite often.

Yeah. One of the big points of contention is that Portsmouth wants to remove the Confederate statues there and of course since it is a majority African American City… it is a majority African American leadership. It is also one of the more depressed cities in the area… for factors that have nothing to do with race… but guess what gets brought up…

I also went down to visit my family last week at the Outer Banks… and the weird thing was seeing businesses flying the US, North Carolina, Confederate and Israeli flags all beside each other.