Virginia basketball team declines White House visit

I guess they didnt want cold hamberders and freedom fries. I wonder will the trump republican party call these kids unamerican


Good for them

I wouldn’t wanna be around that crook.

Well… the President did say that there were good people marching with the Nazis that killed someone in their town a couple of years ago.

It’s like speech has consequences or something

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Can’t blame them.

Donald sits alone in the White House atop a pile of fast food that’s swiftly growing cold, enraged that no one adores him or seeks him out they way he feels he truly deserves.

Sad little king of a sad little hill.


At this point I think it would be more useful to only create a thread when a sports team that has just won a championship actually DOES visit the Trump White House because that would actually be some sort of news.

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No doubt they heard what’s on the menu.


Does it involve hamburders?

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In the larger scheme of things this is pretty insignificant.
Having said that it seems borderline insane that the White House, home of the President of the United States, arguably the most powerful person on the planet. serves room temperature paper-boxed fast food to our national champions.


Trum p is a nothing but a scumbag and everybody, even his supporters, know it.

Good for those kids to not be blinded by the power of the office, but instead recognize the lack of character of the man who holds it and completely reject any nicey-nice photo-op that the orange idiot may want to exploit.

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Well to make light of the situation at least none of them said they had to pee when meeting the president.

Extra points to who understands the above reference.


Forrest Gump.

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Stupid is as stupid does. :slight_smile:


And here you all are relishing in the petty juvenile behavior of people in the United States today. What a sick bunch we have all become. Can we get more lower. We were once a country to be looked up to. But no longer. Now we are a country to be pitied. Partisans are getting their wish. The divide is getting wider and wider and soon there will be no going back.

Lower than serving fast food at the White House? I guess gas station food or dog food would be lower.


You just keep being part of the problem. It does not take long to figure out who wants to be a part of the solution to the division in the United States and who likes the division.

I can’t tell if this was a protest or what the coach said was true? Either way, the coach handled it well.

Now…speaking of “fast food”, who’s hungry for a fresh, lib nothing burger? :sunglasses:

Basically Tony Montana but instead of a mountain of cocaine there is a mountain of bacon Whoppers.


Are you trying to prove that Rs clean their own house, while Ds say yeah…“guilty but…no intent”?

K…you did a good job of it. Thanks.