Violent crime surging in many inner cities across the US

So can somebody explain why this is happening? Why are white people shooting white people?


Feel free to start a thread on it. This one is about the recent surge in US cities, which is by far black on black crime. In NYC 100% of the July shootings so far have been such according to the NYPD.

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I read both of the linked articles. Race is not mentioned.


Sending police to deal with mental health issues is stupid.

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We could be in for a rough couple of decades, kids.

I.e. a repeat of 1970 - 1990

How do you know it’s a mental health issue when the 911 phone rings requesting police?

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It was when the parents spoke. It was when the police spoke. The victims were black children.

Is it just shootings on the rise? How about knifings, blunt objects, fists?

I haven’t heard anything else, you know how the media is about guns.

None of that info is in the linked articles. If you more info to offer, that is fine.
I can only go by what was presented,

I did notice this mentioned:

He added that an “explosion” of gun violence occurred after the May 25 police-involved death of George Floyd in Minneapolis ignited protests and violence across the country.

Maybe, it is the guns?


Well we know why in Chicago. Are NYC and Atlanta the same thing? Or is this something different?

Do we?

I don’t know, that’s why I’m asking.

Now you know. Chicago is primarily gang/drug related violence. Is that the reason for the other increases?

I don’t know, that’s why I’m asking.

Because they are called wellness checks, it when the 911 call is directly linked to mental health of a person.

no one is suggesting ending social workers to an violent crime.

Seems a direct result of the rioting, burning and looting. People (some) are taking advantage of a brief period of relative lawlessness.


Has your research offered any clues? I’m genuinely curious.

I am not sure that this period will be brief.