Violent crime surging in many inner cities across the US

Hopefully they can get that reform done quick like and those social workers in these communities ASAP. Although the last article essentially blames COVID for what is going on.

Send in the social workers, quick!!!


I heard that the social workers primary tactic is to go tell these gang members to “cut it out” just like Hillary told Wall Street. I also heard that one of their other tactics will be offer them lollipops if they don’t shoot anyone. :crazy_face:


They are handing Trump a second term.

Deblasio will need to flee NYC when his term is over.

Hell, I’d quit if I had to go into one of those zones.

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That must be sarcasm.

If you had your story straight instead of resorting to sarcasm, you’d realize they get a gold star on their forehead if they demonstrate exemplary behavior :wink: :rofl:

Yeah I’m sure the cops are “handcuffed” and not refusing to do their jobs like they’ve been threatening to for five ■■■■■■■ years.

■■■■ these cops for letting people die.

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blm got this yo.


Uh, they were already dead.

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Need some safety patrol.

So can somebody explain why this is happening? Why are black people shooting black people, including children, in the streets of the cities? Why the big jump in it now?

What’s the message?

Other than “suicide by cop” morons that draw down on LEOs, you do know that the police show up after somebody calls so reports get written, shell casings get processed and the bodies are removed?

Is it a big jump? How much has it jumped? From when to now?

In NYC I saw 140% over June last year I believe. There’s been a lot of kids shot in the past couple of weeks.

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Ask Bill Dumblasio. He says it’s COVID, unemployment, boredom and the court system.
Huh, no surprise there, blame everyone else. We can’t have the police doing their jobs right Mr mayor?
Mayor Blames Coronavirus and Economic Crisis for Violence

Holy crap. That’s horrific. What do you think is the cause?

I know Chicago has been largely about drug gangs fighting with each other over territory. But I didn’t realize NYC had exploded like this.

They’re shooting children because they’re bored? What kind of culture does that?

NYC, Atlanta. I don’t know why. I’m asking.

Uhh, criminal culture? Just a guess.

I think killing kids goes beyond “criminal”.

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