Violent anti-tax protests in France

**Several thousand riot police were overwhelmed on Saturday as they fought running battles with protesters in the shadows of some of Paris’ fabled landmarks and through its fanciest shopping districts. More than 400 people were arrested and more than 100 injured, shocking Parisians and tourists alike. **
At the base of the 19th-century Arc de Triomphe, police kept the public back as cleanup crews set about erasing graffiti, much of it targeting President Emmanuel Macron and some exuding anarchist sentiment such as, “Overthrow the bourgeoisie!”

An immediate cause of the protests appears to be related plans to increase gasoline taxes to raise revenue and reduce global warming emissions. According to French media, 69% of the French expressed support for the movement. The highest support is in rural areas, which are most affected by the proposed increase in gasoline taxes.
For more details in French see:

It is not clear that the protests fit neatly into left or right politics. The strongest support appears to be coming from lower-income rural areas, which parallels support for Trump in the US, but there also appear to be elements of support from the far left as well.

What is going on in France?

Is it heading toward a revolution?

Are the protests and strong support a repudiation of the use of higher taxes to achieve global warming targets?

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This is from NPR

“This is the 50 percent of the French population, that we don’t really see very much. This is not those thriving in the big cities. This is not the impoverished people in the high immigration areas. This is the other 50 percent who live out in small towns, around the country. People who feel that they are completely forgotten economically, culturally, politically.”

Seems like left-wing snobbish libs in Europe are trying to screw over there middle class working people and using the poor as their justification.

Yes. Chic Paris is not France any more than Manhattan is the US.

The protests appear to be against the urban elites who run things.

Global uprising again lib snobs around the world is in order.

The protests in France have spread to the EU headquarters in Brussels.

There are reports that the UN is supporting proposals to ban nationalistic speech in Europe:

It looks like France may need some re-education camps if these proposals ever become law.

Marxist revolution, apparently.

Anti-tax Marxists?

Most Marxists believe that the government owns everything anyway.

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“Overthrow the bourgeoisie” is something a Marxist would say.

Most anarchists are influenced by Marxist thought in some kind of way, be it the labor theory of value, the concept of wage slavery, analysis of family dynamics, colonialism/imperialism, or the Marxist theory of the state.

Bourgeoisie literally means “city dwellers” in French. There are many people fed up with the urban elites.

The protestors appear to be much more than just Marxists, although they may include some anarchists.


No they don’t.

France should give each citizen a $300 tax cut.

I am interested in how people of certain political stripes view this riot as opposed the riots in 2013.

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Macron should give his speech again to them about nationalism vs patriotism.

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Appears to have started with working class and then the professional mob and car burning vandal trouble makers jumped in to really amp up the discord.

Never seems to be enough tax to go around…

What riots in 2013?

The one where North African Muslims burned some cars.

Just interested is seeing how these riots are compared to those.

You should really learn more about marxism and anarchism. Anarchists are by and large leftists, ancaps never really took off.

Yes that’s it in a nutshell! Those taxes are supposed to go up each year with no end in sight. It’s the moron Macron way and his approval rating is anywhere from high teens to no more then 26% so he is a real tyrant when it comes to global warming and is willing to inflict pain on the people of France at the alter of fanatical global environmentalism.

It’s when France banned face coverings which clashed with Islamic doctrine.

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I am curious about the reactions towards that as opposed to this instance.

That’s all.