Vindman In On The Phone Call

I don’t know anything about this cointelpro thing. Probably a fascist, racist Trump front.

But it really doesn’t matter because the footage is from the hearing. Now if somebody wants to prove the footage fake, I’ll take the heat.

Vindman is a problem. There’s this, the claim he “told” an ambassador “we’re not investigating” or words to that effect and the claim he instructed Zelensky on how to handle Trump, a man he has never met.

What you are seeing here is hubris, just like with Strzok. Petty bureaucrats following their own sanctimonious agendas.

This is the swamp.

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Thaat’s Lieutenant Colonel Vindman, sir!

O5s do not “tell” ambassadors anything.

Appears neckbeardy.

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No, this is another level.

No, I don’t think so. Garden variety neckbeard stuff.

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“Includes paid promotion”

What’s he selling?

Did you watch the whole 9 minute video?

Yes. I ignore paid promotions.

Arrogant ■■■■■.

Deep State. DEEP STATE!

I ignore videos like that.

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It’s video of the inquiry hearing.

The edits and the word “demand” are rather significant.

I remember watching this as it unfolded. Did not catch the significance right away.


Vindman is a bust. He can go OIC the motor pool in Greenland.


It is Motorpool Monday. :man_shrugging:

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I was suspicious of him being the rat that fed the WB.

Looks like he is in even deeper.

Wonder if he ever had a sleepover with Schiff.


Joey (his real name) is selling prepper food kits…

Is the footage of the actual hearing?

Yes, and then Joey provides an amusing editorial. But if haven’t tried his prepper food you just give it a try… He provides his own testimonial on how good the food tastes…

Don’t listen to him. If you’re going to make an issue of it, you can listen to the entire hearing again, as I’m sure you already did.

I can’t seem to find that specific testimony on CNN or NYT for some reason. My apologies.

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