Vince is Hawking ShamWow Covid 19 Masks!

Vince is the pitchman who replaced Billy Mays after Mays untimely death.

Vince is most famous for the SlapChop (An indispensable kitchen gadget!)

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Everybody is.

Copper Fit has some also. It’s going to be the newest virtue signalling fashion statement by November.

LOL, awesome, good to see this guy back in action

Who is he?

I recall a fitness guru named Vince.

Is he the same one?

You don’t remember the “Shamwow” towels commercials around 2006 ? They were all the rage.

Sorry. I don’t really like to watch television.

And I was either pregnant or caring for my then new baby that year.

@markdido put a line or two of commentary in that OP please.


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Thank you.