Viginia Dems were punked in the Governor's race

Wow, Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam really punked the un-informed democrat voters of Virginia. Yep, Northam hood winked em and got a trip to the Govonor’s Mansion. I wonder where this is going and what will happen next?

At least the party is now trying to right the wrong by asking him to resign. Will he or will he not?.

Maybe the Democrats will look inward and become the party that I originally registered for way back when i was young and idealistic. You see, my dear brothers and sisters, i was not always a hard headed right of center person that many of you think i am. I am not even right of center. I still think Hilbillary Clinton is a ■■■■■■■ crook and Barry Obamanation was the worse president that we have had in recent history. I also believe that emotionalism is ruining our great country.

I seldom visit this forum anymore for reasons. Wish we could have some serious discussions that we use to have, but, doubt it. Too much crystalization. Peace, Bosun


Being Virginia, I question if enough voters would have really cared enough before it all went public to change the election outcome.

Here is a deal.

How about ■■■■■ grabbing Trump who was sued for racial discrimination by the Fed’s for his real estate housing practices (and had his counter suit thrown out of court) and Northam resign on the same day.


The Virginia Governor is the present day/future mindset of libs that is being further exacerbated by OAC. If there is anything positive, it’s that it’s being exposed for all to see and decide…where they stand.

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Seriously though ■■■■ Ralph Northam.


Are there public officials in NY who were found to be wearing black face or a KKK costume?

How does one have serious discussions pertaining to Hillbillly Clinton and Obamanation?

Or how Virginia Democrats were hoodwinked?

@sikofit, Your post makes it look like I said that. Can you please edit it so it’s not attributed to me. TYIA.

oops, sorry

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Good thing there weren’t any conservatives defending Steve King or they would be looking like enormous hypocrites about now


Yes, Dems should do some soul searching because a state governor turned out to be a schmuck.

Fortunately they are not standing behind the man or offering deflections/excuses, but are demanding he step down. Commonwealth over party.

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Fortunately it looks as though Democrats are moving to distance themselves from this dumpster fire, and recognize him for the mistake he is rather than doubling down and accusing the media of smearing him or deflecting to other topics. Even if it may only be for the future good of their party, it’s a good thing they are denouncing him.


Northam should resign.

However, it’s beyond ridiculous watching folks who have either actively ignored or carried water for Trump throughout behavior far worse than this come forward and attempt to broad brush liberals. Even the most basic of self reflection would do them a world of good.


I was living in Virginia during the 2017 election. Do i regret voting for Ralph Northam over Ed Gillespie? No i dont.

I’m a Virginia voter as well, and I don’t regret my vote for Northam either.

I believe he should resign, though.

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Here here. Same.

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Many comments are the typical. I do support President Trump and although the otherside has tried to block every agenda he has put forward, Trump has made good progress.

Waste of money and time. Looks like the underlings also punked virginia. Emotional voting from what i observe

No they will sync with the gov. He will be forgiven, or, tell everyone to get over it. Punked in virginia.

Don’t change the subject. Keep your eyes on the bouncing ball.