Vietnam city fines Bayer chief for South China Sea 'nine-dash' map

This woman is a Malaysian of Chinese origin.

But, even so, to be so ******* stupid to use an image which both the Vietnam Government and much of the Vietnamese public ******* hate. And nine dash line imagery is incredibly insulting to both the Vietnamese Government and the Vietnamese public, both of which reject Chinese claims emphatically.

Using the image was tantamount to slapping Vietnam across the face.

The lady should feel lucky that she is getting off with only a fine.

Tip for the future.

Don’t insult your host country.

Very bad for business.

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Here in the US, mentally fragile libs label it “hate speech”. :sunglasses:

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Not really a valid or relevant comparison. Vietnam and the Vietnamese people have every right to take umbrage at Chinese expansionism. The nine-dash-line business by China is a very aggressive territorial grab by China against Vietnam and several other nations.

That may be but…when a line is drawn, it has to be decided…where it is, by who and at what penalty? I don’t support it in anyway. Hence…my comparison.

I do appreciate the continuing support that the last four administrations have given to Vietnam. Vietnam is a welcome ally in the South China Sea. God knows we need them.

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Why not just comment on the topic?