Vietnam: Another Lesson in How to Deal with the Coronavirus Pandemic

Taiwan was not the only Asian country to ace its coronavirus response.

Vietnam also aced its response, while also shipping nearly half a million protective suits to the United States.

Coming out of this situation, Vietnam is positioned to be the dominant economic power outside of the PRC in east Asia.

After this situation further abates, perhaps Trump should consider ramping up economic negotiations with Vietnam again. If you want a economic hedge against China in east Asia, Vietnam is an indispensable component of that hedge.

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LOL that would give China a major heartburn IMO.

Do you know what they mean by aggressive contact tracing? It requires a cell phone with a tracking App that identifies any other cell phone it comes close to. It requires everyone to comply and a means to enforce it. Then if someone gets sick they go round up everyone they came into contact with.

How well do you think that would go over here?

Google and Apple already do it. People just dont think about it.

I know they can track. But it takes a certain App to identify other cell phones that come within a few meters of your phone. It makes it much easier and much less time consuming than to do it manually.

Start doing that and I suspect people will not take their phones everywhere. I rarely take my phone with me now. I started doing that about 5 years ago for a totally unrelated reason.

Besides that. Just try to get people to install that App.

I’m afraid that isnt the case. The only way you cant be tracked is to leave your phone at home, and we all know very few people ever go anywhere without their phone. Even grandma.

Again, you still need the App to track all phones that you came into close contact with. Trying to do it without that App would be a monumental task. And again, very few people leave without their phones now. Things can change.

Here is something about it.

Not for Google and the rest of the information mining cartel. The only reason for the app is to give people the idea that they have a choice. They are able already to track your location and communications and to send you warnings in real time without your consent on any behaviour they find objectionable. But they are not going to tell you that until the reality has become undeniable.

If you say so. I have no way to confirm or deny your claim. But regardless, at some point it would be installed with a system update at some point. Or as you say, they already have.

They’d be pretty bored with my info. My phone goes as far as my backyard. Other than that it comes with me to work and stays in my booth the entire time I’m there. I literally never take it anywhere else going on 5 years now. Not much they can find objectionable.