Video Games (what are you playing)


XB1. Was in PS ecosphere but got obsessed with Halo and bought 360 way back and have been in Xbox since.

Played first God of War and desperately want to play rest of series though.


Black Ops 4
Forza 7
COD WW2 (I still like this game, but transitioning back and forth between this and Black Ops 4 is killing me)
Madden 19
Dragon Ball FighterZ (pretty much unstoppable with Vegeta and Broly)


Anthem…had a buddy trying to get me to buy into the hype…you still having fun with it?


It’s okay. I thought it would be the game to pull me away from Black ops 4, unfortunately it’s not. smh.
Don’t get me wrong I still play, but like Destiny my patience is a little short with RPGs.


My list, no particular order.

  1. Goldeneye N64
  2. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time N64
  3. Mario Kart 64
  4. COD Modern Warfare 2 XBOX 360
  5. Halo 2 (this game ruined me as it relates to 1st person shooters)
  6. Ninja Gaiden 2 (Sega Genesis version)
  7. Forza 4 XBOX 360
  8. Grid XBOX 360
  9. COD: WW2 Xbox One
  10. Project Gotham 3 XBOX 360

Honorable mentions:
Mortal Kombat 3
Injustice 2
COD: Red Alert (PC)
Rollercoaster Tycoon 2(PC)
Sim City 2000 (PC)

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Anthem could be the death of BioWare. Sad to see a studio which has such an impressive track record get ■■■■■■ over by EA. The obsession with MTX is going to crash the AAA market.

The Division 2 sets a new standard for the looter shooter genre.


Hopefully not because Dragon Age IV is in the works and they’ve discussed a new Mass Effect game.

Short term what Bioware needs to do is just release a remastered version of the original Mass Effect trilogy for the current consoles. It will help remind people why Bioware was great.


But if EA cannot monetize the crap out of it they will not let them.

Mass Effect 2 was truly a game among games.

But Bioware does have some pretty flawed management.

Jason Schriers article is a fascinating glimpse into some very dysfunctional management.


Big publishers like EA and Activision have unfortunately been a problem in the industry for a while now.

Ultimately though I think the biggest danger to video games in the future is the disproportionate growth of mobile gaming and catering to the Chinese market. At the end of the day gaming companies are going to where the money is and investing in big triple A titles is now seen as riskier then ever.


This all dates back to Candy Crush Saga and others like it that were released in the 2009-2012 time period.

Those games were simple games that had very cheap development costs. Yet thanks to game designs that essentially forced their users into micro transaction schemes it made money that triple A games couldn’t touch.

So now publishers are trying all sorts of ways to monetize triple A games. Developing a big budget game costs anywhere between 75 million and 300 million dollars. And that’s not including marketing and production costs.

I hate to say it but this is just how things are going to be. Games as a service. It’s the new buzz word for the industry. Instead of building one game, supporting it for a few months, and then moving on to your next hit you monetize the experience. Make it last for years and get players to spend real money to enhance the experience.

I mean Rockstar, a company I love, has made retarded amounts of money off of shark cards.


Nothing wrong with MTX in console and PC as long as its cosmetic only. Even “time saver” MTX are bad because they encourage game developers to make slow grindy games. I love a good old game grind as much as anyone but there is a difference between progressing over time and just making the experience slow and frustrating.

Mobile games are different, if the game is free to download then you have to expect a long and slow grind unless your willing to pay money.


I do want to add that anyone who likes looter shooters had to play Division 2. I have put 60 hours into that game and its been a constant fun experience. The gameplay is balanced perfectly and the end game content is superb.

Massive and Ubisoft have set a new standard for multiplayer games.

Get it today.


Ive been playing need for speed payback lately. Its nice to just drive fast and play a game thats just simple and fun and not killing


Forza 4 is a great game. I do not normally go for driving games but as it is on gamepass I decided to give it a go.


I recently got the original Turok for PC. Now that’s a fun game.

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Retro gaming is something I cannot get into. I know I am the exception as most people love it. I tried to replay Knights of the Old Republic recently and as much as I enjoy the story, the gameplay mechanics are just too dated to make it an enjoyable experience.

Though I do like the older zelda games.


For me, it’s all about game play, graphics are secondary.

I love Half Life and Half Life II. The game play of those +/- 20 year old games has never been surpassed. DOD is my favorite game.

There is still an active community of on line gamers devoted to that game.


Thats my problem, the game play is too dated. I was a diehard Half Life fan back in the day but when I tried to play the original unmodded game again a year or two ago I found the mechanics of the game not the graphics too clunky and dated.

But ultimately if someone enjoys a game then go for it.


Perhaps because I play the DOD Source mod I find it to be so enjoyable.

Doom 2016 has nothing on it when it comes to game play.


If you still have the game on you machine check out DOD Source on Steam. The 415 server has an amazing group of regulars.