Video Games (what are you playing)


LOL i rest my case . :grinning:


I totally get it and to be honest did not even look at it from that angle. But you are right console online is more detached I suppose when it comes to interactions with other players.

But glad your having fun gaming either way…def looking forward to Borderlands 3 hoping it scratches the itch of a good looter shooter.


I put literally hundreds of hours into BL2 so I am very excited for 3.

Division 2 is an excellent looter shooter and one I would highly recommend.


There are some games I just can’t see working well on consoles - the Baldurs Gate series for instance. Though interestingly there apparently is going to be a remastered console version of them coming soon.

Otherwise though I’ll never choose PC for anything. Sure the mods seem cool but its not worth the headache.

Years ago when I thought Dragon Age Origins was going to be a great game I chose the PC over the X-Box 360 because I’d heard great things about the PC version. So I pick up Origins on a Thansgiving day sale. I checked and my PC easily met the minimum specs. But then it wouldn’t run on my PC. Doing some online digging I found a small number of other PC users having the same problem and learned that a few specific types of video cards wouldn’t run the game despite being powerful enough. Being Thanksgiving there was nowhere in town that was open (stores in my area weren’t doing Black Friday on Thursday yet) so I couldn’t play. Suffered through horrendous lines the next day at Best Buy buying a new video card to replace my otherwise fine video card. Then had to go through the process of installing.

So basically Origins cost me nearly $400 and a of wasted time to be able to play whereas had I gone with the 360 version I could have played immediately.

I take great enjoyment in knowing I can buy a game for my console and know its going to work.


Exactly my point. I love the simplicity of booting up a game and playing.

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Love hate for me. A game has never made me so mad and at same time feel so accomplished. I didnt even know you could summon help until my hair was already white.

I died like 35 times, no exaggeration, trying to beat abyss watchers bosses. Got pissed so quit for like 5 months. Booted it up one day and beat them first try.

Its an incredible series, just on the art direction alone


PC games are pretty much boot up and play at this point…its nothing like it was in the 90’s or early 2ks

I even use an Xbox elite controller for some games like Rocket League


Man if they could find a way to port starcraft or some rts to console that’d be awesome. Idk how game controls would work tho




At the end of the day I love all my gamers even if PC is the master race :wink:

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It all depends on the game you play. I’ve been playing DOD for many a year and at this point the community is down to maybe 10,000 players total.

The players/servers are generally very good and very welcoming.

All of the other games I’ve played haven’t held my interest.


Well Ace Combat 7 just dropped to 35.00 bucks randomly on the PSN for a flash sale.

So I downloaded and it’s friggin’ awesome!!!

Nothing better than blowing people out of the sky with an F-14.

Now to save up MRP for the Gripin.


Personally prefer strategy games to first person shooters. The Total War series is by far my favorite.


I used to play Avalon board games, like Axis and Allies, back in the analog days. Those games were great.

These days I play FPS games on line.

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I played those as well. My favorites were Axis and Allies and Gettysburg.

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Are there computer versions of those games? I’ve looked but never found them.


Evidently, there is an Axis and Allies video game that was released in 2004.


There’s also a game in early development over at Steam.


Thanks for the heads up. I’ll be on the lookout for it.

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I thought we were talking about video games. But of course you managed to turn it into a drive by attack on Dems and abortion. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

If anything your argument (however little it’s based in reality) supports my notion that parents should be parents. If they’re being parents then the Dems won’t have video games raising children which is apparently their sinister plan.