Video Games (what are you playing)


Yeah, used to really dig JRPG’s dont have the patience for em anymore though.

I did own Dragonquest 8 for the PS2 which I really enjoyed.


I fell in love with the gameplay as soon as you got into the open world section.

To this day I will say Horizon is the most well designed open world action game ever made. No weapon feels useless, the world is large but can be traversed quickly without fast travel, the enemy AI is absolutely fantastic (which makes sense considering Killzone always had excellent AI routines), the story is genuinely interesting and has a crazy twist towards the end, and it never slows down after you get past the introductory section.

It doesn’t hurt that it’s the most beautiful console game ever made, either.


At the risk of earning the disdain of the fellow gamers here; I’m currently playing Fortnite, both the PvP and PvE modes.:zipper_mouth_face:


I tried it recently.

It’s actually a well made game. It’s fun and very addictive. Qualities of a good game.

The community sucks. But that’s most big online shooters. Call of Duty’s community is generally awful.


Games or Series I’ve put in serious time or competitive effort in over the years, in no particular order.

Warcraft II
Unreal Tournament


Somewhat chronological of the games I put the most time into:

Ultima (multiple; 80s on a Mac!, much of it watching my brother)
Uninvited (again on the Mac)
Dark Castle (more 80s goodness, the sounds in this game were the best)
Dragons Lair (beating this on PC after so many quarters in an arcade was awesome)
Command & Conquer (multiple; but my RTS days ended when EA wrecked it)
Quake (learned I liked shooters)
Mario Kart and Goldeneye (buddies on a couch goodness)
Diablo II
WoW (started in WotLK, Legion lost me)

  1. WoW played on and off from day 1 til last year
  2. Diablo III (loved 1 and 2 as well)
  3. Starcraft II (what can I say, I’m a bit of a Blizz whore)
  4. LoTRO - probably the most beautiful MMORPG
  5. Skyrim
  6. Civilization (any of em)
  7. Master of Magic/Master of Orion - loved back in the day… hmmm… wonder if they still work…
  8. Pretty much anything with Ultima in the title
  9. Rift - much loved for quite some time, heard it has gone into the crapper now tho
  10. EQ 2

(no particular order)


Where my Dark Souls peeps at?! I’m currently on a Dark Souls 3 kick right now. If anybody needs some jolly co-op help just shoot me your info. And if you need some late game items I might be able to drop a few. Let me know where to drop that summon sign!

I’m on PS4, btw.


Check out good old games they rebuild classic pc games to be played on modern computers


At least play Apex!


Blizzard is a legendary gaming company, even if it has lost some of its shine lately.

I have a few friends that work for blizz and they have taken me on a tour of the blizz campus which awesome.

Have also attended a few blizzcons which was also an experience.

WoW ruined me, I no longer enjoy single player games…


Great point about Dark Souls. I played 1/2/3. Great games. I have to say 1 was the hardest, just because of how laggy it was during certain parts…


List of games that are memorable to me.

Legend Of the Red Dragon: DOORS game for BBSs. First online game I played. Texted based. I didn’t realized what long distance phone calls were, so that free game cost me a bunch of money in the early 90s.
Asheron’s Call: I played in the Beta. First MMORPG.
Realms Of Kaos: Another Alpha/Beta. Text based rpg. I eventually got on staff. Lots of fun memories.
WoW. I played off/on from vanilla until Cataclysm. Never again.
League of Legends: Played from season 2 until 8. I was never any better than Silver. I do own a TON of skins though.
Dark Souls games: Gotta love a hard game.
Civilization games: Gotta love building.
Minecraft: More building.
Fallout games: Gotta love the post-apocalypse.
Elder Scroll games: Gotta love fantasy.

On a completely different note, has anyone played Doki Doki Literature Club?

It’s free. I highly recommend. It’s more than it seems. I had to come back to it a few times because I stopped before it got interesting.


The new CIV 6 expansion is really good.


Games of the future that are definitely being made and releasing soon I’m looking forward to:

Horizon Zero Dawn 2 - rumored for a 2020 or 2021 launch.

Last of Us 2 - the gameplay in the first one was good but not great. What sucked you in was the amazing storyline and how well written it was. You got so emotionally invested in it. There is a scene near the end of the game, you know which one if you’ve played it, where you don’t know if one of the characters is alive or not and my wife started laughing at me when she caught me muttering “she better not be dead, she better not be dead” as the character I was controlling tried to make his way through a level. Trailers and gameplay videos have been out for a while so I’m hoping for a release later this year.

The Dying Light 2 - first game was a great mix of zombie killing, parkour controls, and RPG elements. The sequel is apparently going to be a lot more dynamic in terms of the RPG elements. No release date set yet but its thought to be late this year or early next.

Dragon Age IV - all we have so far is a teaser trailer that shows no actual gameplay. The game is still in the very early stages so we are probably at least 3 years out still.


Speaking of Last of Us, has any game or movie for that matter ever given you the emotional gut punch that this game does in the first 15 minutes? For those who haven’t played its basically a prologue that sets up the rest of game which occurs years later. You control a young girl who is scared and frightened as she starts seeing things on the news about the city suddenly going to hell. Then her dad, the main character of the game, shows up and grabs her as he and a friend try to flee the area. You mostly then just watch as they try to flee only to have the young girl get shot and killed in her dad’s arms. It was devastating to watch. The rest of the game then picks up many years later with the dad as an older man who is tasked with helping another young girl reach a destination. The man, Joel, is completely shut off emotionally from everything after losing his daughter but as time goes on he grows close to Ellie, the new young girl, and its their relationship and bonding and just how well written and acted this is that draws you in.


Some reason I can’t get that game to run on my system. It’s supposed to run natively on Linux, but the last time I tried to get it to run it had major issues.


I am currently playing RDR 2 and having a great time.

I am taking it slow though. Letting the world be real for me instead of blowing through it like a game.

I enjoy doing that… I know it isn’t for everyone.


Surprised not to see Assassin’s Creed 2 on these lists.

That game is incredible even if it’s shine wore off in the sequels.


2 is the one that introduces Ezio isn’t it? Hate it.

I think I ruined the early AC games for myself because my first was Origins which I absolutely loved. It made me want to go back and try other AC games and I picked up the “Ezio Collection” which is three games in one remastered for the PS4. I made it a few hrs into the first game, which is AC 2 I think, and just couldn’t stand it in comparison to Origins as it was clunky and tedious.

I absolutely still intend to try out Odyssey though.