VICIOUS: Democrat Congresswoman Explodes, Vows to ‘Impeach the Motherf***er!’ | Sean Hannity

A freshman congresswoman viciously attacked President Trump just hours after her swearing-in ceremony Thursday; telling a crowd of supporters that House Democrats are going “impeach the motherf***er!”

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I am completely fed up with the way the Steele dossier has NOT been handled. WHY hasn’t anything been done about the illegal Mueller probe? WHY hasn’t anything been done about Comey, Lynch, Yates, Strozk, Page? WHY hasn’t MORE security clearances been pulled - similar to what Obama did? Why hasn’t anything been done about Hillary?

Since it looks like NOTHING has been done and NOTHING WILL be done, Trump administration has successfully emboldened the Dims.

Dims won the house, not because people wanted a change, DIMS TOOK the house by fraud, stealing and lying. WHY hasn’t this been looked into? What about ALL the illegals voting in AZ?


And Trump thinks he can win 2020? NOT A CHANCE they way Dims are going. They WILL steal 2020. Count on it.