Vicious accident with Ryan Newman at the end of the Daytona 500


It was truly a vicious accident.

Ryan Newman was turned, smacked the wall hard, went airborne and while still airborne took a direct hit in the roll cage by another car traveling at full speed.

No word of his condition, they are still trying to extricate him from the pulverized remains of his car.

He has been removed from his vehicle and is on his way to the hospital.

No word on his condition.

He came across the line in 4th place.

I fear Newman is dead. When I saw it transpire I immediately got flashbacks to Earnhardt’s end in 2001. I was watching with my little girl getting pumped about end of race action then that. Just horrible. Gordon sounded near tears and Blaney was totally shook. They had the black screens up when they pulled Newman out after a LONG while.

Having watched the accident several times, I agree that is likely.

The initial hit against the wall was brutal, then that hit to the roll cage while upside down was as equally brutal.

That roll cage was already compromised after that hard contact with the wall then he took that full speed hit to the driver side while inverted. I’m shook myself that was really awful to see. At first I was worried his car was going to light up with all the fuel spilling out and the small fire nearby then they got the extinguishers on it and I breathed a sigh of relief. Then they went back to the replay… He needs a miracle if there is still a chance for that.

My goodness…

Looks like the blue and yellow car PIT him while he was trying to maintain the lead? Hard to tell from that video.

Still no word on Newman’s fate. It always said after brutal accidents, but this is one is sort of off the charts. Straight into the wall at nearly 200mph, rolled over inverted taking a hit to the driver’s said from another car doing nearly 200mph. Inverted means none of the door, foam, etc is there absorbing most of the impact. It’s just the window netting. This after Newman’s car was basically split in half. The slow motion really show how deformed the interior roll cage was…

Newman sustained non-life threatening injuries. What a miracle given that crash

Let’s not rush to proclamations of death next time.

Unreal. The welders on his frame should get a huge bonus.

Ryan will be back in his car when NASCAR returns to racing on Sunday, May 17, at Darlington Raceway.
He says he is feeling great. Kudos to NASCAR safety rules.

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