VENEZUELA UPRISING: Maduro ‘On the Brink’ as Demonstrators Take to the Streets

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Venezuela’s socialist President Nicolas Maduro appeared on the brink Wednesday morning, with thousands of citizens taking to the streets in support of the nation’s opposition party after years of economic collapse.

“Venezuela’s re-invigorated opposition faces a crucial test Wednesday as it seeks to fill streets nationwide with protesters in an appeal to the military and the poor to shift loyalties that until recently looked solidly behind President Nicolas Maduro’s socialist government,” writes the Associated Press.

“The protests have been called to coincide with a historic date for Venezuelans — the anniversary of the 1958 coup that overthrew military dictator Marcos Perez Jimenez. Government supporters are also expected to march in downtown Caracas in a rival show of strength,” adds the article.

Cracks in Maduro’s brutal regime appeared towards the end of last week when a rogue National Guard unit defected; prompting Vice President Mike Pence to send a direct message to the Venezuelan people.

“We stand with you until Democracy is restored,” said Pence.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.