Vegas Shooter Got All His Hits

Vegas gun owner got all his hits. The assailant died after being hit with 10 shots (9 in the chest and oneto the central nervous system) that lasted 4 seconds. The second suspect fled.

This is why I like citizens with guns. They make the streets safer for everyone, because the assailants do not know who is armed and who isnt. Sorry for the loss of life, but glad it was the assailant and not the victim or the citizen.

Put 10 rounds in the chest

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In this particular story, the “assailant” seemed to have had a mental issue (and so wouldn’t have cared).

But God clearly wanted him dead and the Las Vegas guy was an instrument of divine justice, which is probably why all of his shots went in.

Baldwin, 40, said he takes firearms training seriously and hopes that those with concealed-carry permits take inspiration from his story to undergo more training. Baldwin said he trains more than the average concealed-carry holder, often training with tier one military operators and professional sports shooters like his girlfriend, Tori Nonaka, 25. He estimated that it took him about a second to draw his gun and land the first shot.

Baldwin said he feels “sadness” for Smith’s family because of the gunman’s death but believes “God may have put this man in front of me for a reason.”

Usually people say that when they talk someone out of doing something stupid and so don’t have to shoot them, rather than using that to justify killing someone.

And no, I’m not blaming Baldwin for shooting back. It was clearly self-defense. But this little religious insight…it’s insightful…

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I :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: happy ending stories.

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The gunman died after being hit with 10 shots in a shootout that Baldwin estimated lasted about four seconds.

He should have called the cops and waited.

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Amazing. You just can’t help it, can you?


You’re comparing apples and oranges, or you didn’t read the article.

The assailant shot first, Baldwin had no choice but to shoot back.

Not the same thing at all as tracking an unarmed man jogging along, minding his own business, carrying rifles.

Rather telling that you can’t see the difference.

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Can’t help what?

I think I know what you mean, although as usual you just make a useless, ambiguous post.

But I’ll amplify further.

Haven’t you ever read accounts of people who’ve been at the right place at the right time to save someone’s life? That’s when they claim that God put them there - to save a life. Pulling someone out of a burning car or building, etc.

Now, Baldwin said, and he may have just misspoke - that he thinks God put the assailant in front of him so he, Baldwin, could kill him. That’s an interesting phrasing. Not that God put Baldwin there, to prevent the assailant from killing everyone in the gun store.

So for religious folk, which Baldwin clearly is, I just think it’s interesting.

The assailant had a brother, and the brother said, “I thought he was going to do something stupid.”

Don’t you think it would have been better for a loving God to have inspired Smith’s brother to take away the wacko’s gun before he went off the deep end? That way it would have saved the brother’s life and prevented Baldwin from having PTSD for having to shoot a guy 10 times in the chest.

But God didn’t do anything with the brother, or have anyone else intervene before Smith went off the deep end.

But He made sure Baldwin was there to save the lives of everyone else Smith might have killed…

And you have no explanation so you just deflect with some hollow laughter.


Sometimes a picture isn’t even worth one word, let alone a thousand.

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Even in a happy ending libs will look for the dark lining in a silver cloud if it doesn’t fit the narrative.

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Which it could have been.

Hmmm…The assailant was a citizen with a gun, as were all other mass shooters. I don’t think they were making the street’s safer…Just sayin’.

I don’t pretend to judge God.

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All I can say…nice shooting.


Your mistake is feeling I was comparing anything.

Parade pissing.

Now watch, “You want to have a parade because a person was killed!!! Aaaaggh!!! Snap!!!”

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Which it wasn’t. Thank God.

10 rounds?



Mag dump.