VALERIE JARRETT: US Should THANK OBAMA for Record Unemployment | Sean Hannity

Senior advisor to former President Barack Obama Valerie Jarrett believes President Trump deserves “some credit” for Friday’s strong economic report, but added her former boss was actually behind record low unemployment rates throughout the country.

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One can not borrow 10 trillion dollars and not stimulate the economy, That is what Obama did. He took the money of the old, young, unborn and not thought of yet to pay for most of the failures he started. We now have carpool lanes to nowhere, government controlled medical, invasive government at the highest level the world has ever seen, the rekindling of the cold war, and an education system k-12 way down the world’s ranking. And we and our future paid for it. Thanks Obama. At least our President is now plugging the holes in the pool. Once done we can fill it with champagne.

The debt is going up faster every month right now than a year ago and it is not going down. That information is easy to find.

Too bad he is filling it faster than he can drain it.