Vaccine Passports. Are you for or against them?

Should Vaccine Passports be legal?
  • Yes
  • No

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Interesting topic of debate. Vaccine passports can be viewed in two ways.

One, if we want to get the country running again it would be helpful for those that are vaccinated to be able to get onto planes and into facilities like sports stadiums knowing everyone there has also been vaccinated. We could see full stadiums and concerts again, and planes filled with people traveling all over. Cruise ships could book full again. All one would need is proof of vaccination and you would be good to go. In other words, a vaccine passport.

There certainly has been precedent here, folks routinely have to get vaccinated to travel overseas and carry proof of that. This would not be that much different.

But the argument against it is that if you don’t want to be vaccinated, you shouldn’t be punished for it by being excluded from society. This is the stance many on the GOP seem to be making at the present.

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem (R) slammed the Biden administration for “one of the most un American ideas in our nation’s history,” even though the administration has yet to provide any guidance on the matter.

And in fact, the Biden administration hasn’t weighed in on the matter, instead stating the private sector should determine whether one is needed.

“This is going to hit all — all parts of society. And so, naturally, the government is involved,” said Andy Slavitt, a White House senior adviser on COVID-19. “But unlike other parts of the world, the government here is not viewing its role as the place to create a passport, nor a place to hold the data of citizens.”

“We view this as something that the private sector is doing and will do,” he added.

So what do you think? Should vaccine passports be a thing?

For. They need one for standing in voting lines too.

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Is this a valid argument, though? It’s not a punishment, except in situations where an excluded person hasn’t had the opportunity to get the vaccine.

Dunno about that. If you are masked and socially distant yourself in a voting line, why should your right to vote be taken away because you haven’t been vaccinated?

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In some ways, this is a potential carrot to entice people to get vaccinated. Some people are selfish. Maybe they don’t care enough about their fellow man to get vaccinated, but perhaps they want to go to a concert or a football game again, or dance in a crowded club.

A vaccine passport would make that a reality a lot sooner. And perhaps get us to herd immunity faster as a bonus.


I’m really conflicted on this. I’ll listen to some more debate on the thread before jumping in with my opinion.

Voted yes, assuming that there will be nastier pandemics in the future. It’s best to get this squared away now.

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Good thing there is mail-in voting because why would anyone be against fellow Americans expressing their rigjt to vote

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Interesting. She had a different take last year.

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Why should any of your rights be taken away because you’re not vaccinated?

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Pharma needs to make more money.

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I’d sign on to this only if we implemented a national voter ID card at no cost to citizens and any reasonable accommodations be made. Neither side can have it both ways.


#1 No need for a Federal Government issued voter ID card and no need to have a special voter ID. Current State ID’s are already in place and workable. No need for another, redundant Federal bureaucracy.

#2 States with voter ID’s already have provision’s for no charge voter ID when a person is getting the ID only for voting purposes. They are pretty much required to do it to evade court restrictions on voter ID “fees” being a poll tax.


I voted yes. It’s not a huge deal and not an infringement on my rights.

I had to produce a vaccination card to register my kids in school

When I was in college I was required to show proof of meningitis vaccine to stay in the dorms

Most Stores require that wear a shirt

It’s not a big deal and if it helps get the country back to normal, I’m for it.

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Papers, please…


No but that said, I just got my 2nd Pfizer this morning. I believe getting the vaccine is the logical thing to do but I don’t want it mandated. How many more viruses are about to be released from labs? How many more vaccines will then be made mandatory?


I don’t like calling them passports and if the border with Mexico is open, then my answer is NO.

It is as though 10’s of thousands of people only exist when they are useful for propaganda…they also get and carry Covid.

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Rights are not being taken away by having private entities require proof of vaccination for entrance into a crowded event.

You don’t have a right to be a disease vector.


I had a vaccination card as a kid.

That was in the 70’s… back when America was great.

This is a great way to safely open up our economy.