Vaccine Distribution Issues

Huh. Trump?

The age divide coincides with a similar divide among Black Americans surrounding their views of racial bias in the U.S. healthcare system, according to the poll. Forty percent of Black adults age 60 or older said that some racial groups are “always” or “often” treated unfairly by the healthcare system, while 60 percent of adults ages 18 to 29 said the same.

The healthcare system is more racist now than 30 years ago? I find that hard to believe.

Any thoughts on what is causing this distrust? I think it’s important, given that the virus disproportionately affects BIPOC.

When I lived up north and the snow hit, it was the wealthy neighborhoods that got plowed first. And I heard that in many areas the vaccine was going to clinics where the money is. Last night in a interview the new Director of the CDC (Rochelle Walensky) said that she was this week receiving new data regarding vaccine distribution in majority minority areas. And she said that in a few days the CDC, HHS and the task force would be addressing distribution problems in minority areas.

Good topic…my wife and I were discussing this the other day. I think the stats are being skewed because nursing home residents tend to be predominantly white. At least, those that I have visited.

The reasons for disparities are probably complex. I went for my first shot Monday before last at Fair Park in Dallas. This is a predominantly black area of town but the number of blacks was much less than in the county as a whole, percentage wise. Why? It was closer to many blacks than whites. I could guess a lot of reasons. That distrust of the medical system as mentioned in the OP. The familiarity of searching out information and signing up online. Availability to computers to sign up? No money wasn’t the problem because the shots were free.
In any case, the county leaders decided the way to handle it was to bar people from some zip codes of the county (predominantly white areas of course) from getting shots there. I don’t see how that would have made more blacks sign up, but anyway the state told them that if they tried that they would get no more vaccine for the county, so it didn’t last.


30 more years of race grievance hustling … poisoning the wells and salting the fields of hearts and minds.

Booker Washington accurately described those making a living by keeping people unhappier that they’d otherwise be.


More Smollett disease. It’s the uncontrollable desire to feel oppressed even though you live in the best times ever…

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I can understand that, but is that a reason to distrust the vaccine?

Good point if accurate.

A couple of weekends ago I was listening to a preacher from a black area of a Birmingham. And he said that blacks have a history of not trusting anything government. He was in contact with other pastors nationwide to convince them that they might be the bast source of convincing folks in their towns that the vaccine is safe.

Found this from a few years ago.

I ran a non-profit in NW Arkansas that organized volunteer staffing for nursing homes. And I also found that the residents were mostly white. In some cases it was sad because some of the families would put the person in the home and never visit. They would just write them off. One manager told me that a lot of times the family members are pissed off because they are having to lay out $65K or more per year. Pretty petty.

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I helped take care of my grandmother, my mom’s mom, at home.


I have that same history myself. I’m taking it.

That is great that you were able to do it. I worked with one nursing home that was a “first class” facility.
But they had a long list of bad deeds. When I was working with them they had a lady who they checked on at 6 p.m. Friday night. And then nobody checked on her until Sunday morning. She was dead. And I heard that there was a big cover-up with the state officials. And nothing happened to the corporation.
Kudos to you for helping out your loved one.

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Same history how?

Not trusting anything government.

We have a young black gentleman in our office, great guy but anti vax.

He might have to quit his $100,000 job Due to mandatory vaccination policy that our company is proposing.

Lol. He ain’t quitting. He’ll roll up his sleeve and grumble a bit. And continue to cash his paycheck.


Young brains accept institution programming.

Mature brains develope better critical thinking and application skills.

The sheople are just regurgibleating what they’ve been fed and has nothing to do with reality.

Black Americans have reason historically to distrust government health care. It’s called the Tuskegee Syphilis Project.

“The healthcare system is more racist now than 30 years ago? I find that hard to believe.”

You didn’t know Planned Unparenthood was located in largely black & Hispanic neighborhoods? Or that Ruth Bader Ginsburg was pure trash? Here she is on “those populations we don’t want too much of”:

Here’s another:

They’re more snide, subtle and sneaky mean here in New England. Yeah, I know, anecdotal, but I’m posting it anyways.

I’ve been in E R 5 times in that number of years for dehydration caused by copious vomiting from migraine. Thank God the E R nearest me isn’t on my network, because that hospital is horribly managed.

When I had a different insurer, I went at the advice of my doctor & had to wait hours to be seen. Unlike a black woman in my circle of acquaintance with similar symptoms, though, I didn’t get asked what controlled substances I was using.

Many white northeastern liberals are great at backstabbing with a smile & have their ways of letting nonwhites know they view them on a lower level. I really don’t blame Black Americans for not trusting our health care system.

Hell, I’m white & trust few providers. Those opting out of vaccination should, IMO, comtent themselves with masking up and avoiding “super spreader” events.

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