VA Governor Northam's "Narc on Your Neighbor" website

Funny, I don’t see rioting, protesting,looting or arson in the drop down menu.

You do realize you can call 911 if you see those things, right?

Seems simple to me.

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These always end so well when the tattle tales get their names released. Everybody is a hero as long as they can hide behind someone/something.

deer popcorn


You’re going to call 911 for someone not wearing a mask?

we are ■■■■■■■ doomed.

Nope. The op asked about riots, arson, and protesting… should have been fairly obvious what I was talking about.

But I guess I do need to remember where I’m posting at…


Libs would send out 5 thugs I mean social workers to discuss with you why you should wear a mask since they have defund the police.

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he’s talking about rioting, looting and arson

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Reading comprehension is difficult. :wink:

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I was addressing the link in the OP and ignored the sarcastic remark added for I’m sure pure enjoyment.

Interesting you chose to not address the actual content the OP is about.


the site only deals with businesses not people.

He’s talking about a website to snitch on your neighbor for not wearing a mask.

The rest was a sarcastic added comment.

Maybe you should have opened the link.

but that isn’t what the website is for.

lol, i did open the link.

The ‘911’ comment was obviously in response to OP’s "rioting/looting/arson’ comment.

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Is a customer not a person in the establishment not following social distancing guidelines etc.?

Too bad he couldn’t address the actual topic but instead the sarcastic comment. :wink:

Your neighbor can’t be someone in one of those businesses?

I would rat anyone out who is disobeying the mask mandate.

Hell I do it at work.

I am good friends with the head of security. It’s easy.

Public health issue.



We should spam it with false reports with fake businesses. Tempting to create a script and just spam the living crap out of them.

And it’s an anonymous report!


Don’t like the owner because he has a Trump 2020 bumper sticker?

Report him as not being in compliance!

Maybe Tik Tok could spam them like they did Trump’s rally.


This is why they don’t invite you to parties. :wink: