Utah legislature passes bill removing straight party vote

I hope the governor signs this bill. It’s something I support fully.

Rep. Patrice Arent’s bill to ban straight-ticket voting — the state’s long-held practice of being able to check a single box on a ballot to vote for all of the candidates of one political party

If the governor signs, in Novembers election Utah Voters will actually have to go down the ballot and read the candidates and vote for the one they want.

I’d like it to go one step further. Just have the names with no party affiliation next to them. If you don’t know who the Dem or the Rep or Lib or Ind is, then they might just leave it blank, or they will just take a wild guess as to who they ~THINK~ they want.

Imagine if they actually had to know the candidates and what their platform is.

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Straight ticket voting should not exist period.

Sounds like an excellent idea to me.

Yes it should.

It should not exist in Republican States or Democratic States.

We can’t stop people from being blind partisans for either party, but we can damn well stop encouraging it and stop enabling it.

If a person wants to vote straight Republican or straight Democratic, then go through the ballot and mark all the appropriate boxes.

The State should not be doing it for them.

For sure I wish they would use this method for local government offices, which for sure shouldn’t be partisan.

Pennsylvania is eliminating straight party voting starting with this election.

Long overdue.

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I’m pleased with this development as well. I’m represented by an antivax-friendly whackadoodle.

Why do you get to limit my choices?

Why? So people can be lazy about their choices?

Your choice is not limited.

You can still go down the entire ballot, find the name that has your pary affiliation and vote for it. YOU just have to do the work.

Here in Utah a lot of people just click that and then done. They ignore everything else on the ballot. This actuall makes it so they have to scroll down and see everything on the ballot.

Plus there are a lot of non-partisan races and ballot issues that people who vote straight party often skip over.

Voting should be a little work…we shouldn’t make it so you don’t even have to think about it.

Why do we need government withholding information from voters?

Do you even understand what is being discussed? This would result in more choices, not less. Straight line ballots don’t allow you to pick anyone running outside of a single political party.

You mean party affiliation on a ballot like I want?

You should know who your voting for. Plain and simple. Just because it has a party affiliation next to their name doesn’t mean you know if they have all your views, or views you would find contrary.

Um why can’t you have both?

Because people who prefer a straight line ticket probably shouldn’t be voting in the first place. :roll_eyes:

Yes we should.


Don’t you want to research candidates?

Your good with, “hey they are the same party they must be good”

Nope I’m good with that democrats consistently enact polices that I like and republicans don’t. And since I have no head for decent political analysis I go with what works.

Ohhhh I could so have to ban myself if I answer this post.