USS Indiana (SSN-789) to be commissioned on Saturday, September 29

USS Indiana (SSN-789) will be commissioned on Saturday, September 29 in Port Canaveral, Florida, which happens to host a submarine base. She is the 16th Virginia-class attack submarine overall and the 6th Block III submarine of that class. She will be the fourth USS Indiana.

The previous Indiana (BB-58) was decommissioned on September 11, 1947, over 71 years ago, so the fleet has been without an Indiana all that time.

The first Indiana was BB-1, the first true battleship of the United States Navy. It was in commission on and off between 1895 and 1919, fighting in the Spanish-American War and serving as a gun training ship in World War I.

The second Indiana was BB-50, laid down shortly after World War I but cancelled and scrapped under the London Naval Treaty of 1924, never having been completed.

The third Indiana was BB-58, in commission from 1942 to 1947, which fought in the Pacific during World War II, but was decommissioned and eventually scrapped in the demobilization following World War II.